Article: Strongest Magic Beasts In Solo Leveling

Sung Jin-woo as the weakest hunter in the series constantly finds himself on the verge of death at the hands of Magic Beasts, all the powerful monsters in the anime. Magic Beasts' emergence from the Gates that popped up worldwide was a huge turning point for humanity because the entire dynamic of this society had to shift in adherence to the new normal of having monsters, magical powers, and hunters. Sung Jin-woo becomes stronger as the series progresses; he also comes across powerful Magic Beasts. Iron and Igris are some of Jin-woo’s strongest Shadow soldiers, who weren’t the most powerful of the Magic Beasts and grew in strength over time.

1. Metus

Metus was the 75th-floor boss of the Demon Castle before Jin-woo faced the Demon King himself. He was the third boss of the Demon Castle. He was mighty and controlled a hundred minions that even Jin-woo could control anytime. Metus unfortunately couldn’t stand much of a change against Jin-woo. Their fight was more worth it as Jin-woo gained two levels by killing Metus. Metus was incredibly powerful during that time.

2. Kargalgan

The High Orcs were a scary group of enemies when Jin-woo first faced them. This made Kargalgan, their leader, more horrifying. Kargalgan was the most powerful of the High Orcs, a fact that was further enhanced by his magical ability. He had access to numerous spells that made it quite tricky for Jin-woo to fight, as he also had to deal with the High Orcs soldiers. Kargalgan after being turned into a Shadow Soldier was renamed Tusk. He became one of the most vital members of the Shadow Monarch’s army.

3. Groctar

Groctar was the leader of a Group of orcs from a gate in Jinnah’s school. He was an orc warlord and the chief of the Red Blade Tribe. He was strong enough to defeat three of Jin-woo’s high orc soldiers; all were A Rank. Groctar unfortunately by the time they fought Jin-woo was beyond the level of S Rank and was able to slay the orc warlord as a result. This didn’t help Groctar’s case as he had attacked and almost killed the beloved sister of Jin-woo.

4. The Super-Massive Giant

Legia, also known as the Super Massive Giant, is the boss of the Giants and servant of the Monarch of the Beginning and is one of the most potent magic beasts Jin-woo ever had to face. Despite his size, he defeated both Jima and Tusk and was fast enough to disappear from Jin-woo’s sight briefly.

5. The Monarch Of Destruction’s Dragons

Antares, as the most powerful of the Monarchs, controls some of the most potent magic beasts in Solo leveling. Kamish was one of his many dragons who was said to have nearly destroyed humanity alone. The Monarch of Destruction had power over innumerable dragons, each with power comparable to him. If even one of them were more robust than Kamish, they would have quickly become the most devastating monster the world could have seen.

6. The Earth Giant

Jin-woo could only briefly get a glimpse of The Earth Giant and couldn’t fight against him. Earth Giant was taken down by the Hunters Guild’s A-Team. Jin-woo had accompanied them as a member of their mining team. Just by looking at the Giant, he could tell that it was more potent than Metus. He thought he could take him down but didn’t want to give up his identity as the S Rank Hunter.

7. The Ant King

The Ant King was the leader of the ants before becoming Beru, one of Jin-woo’s top Shadow Soldiers. He was so powerful that he slayed Goto Ryuji, Japan’s top-ranked Hunter, a prospective National Level Hunter. He was the first monster that Jin-woo encountered who was at a high level to communicate through language. Due to this reason, Beru grows more attached to Jin-woo compared to other Shadow Soldiers.

8. The Giants

The Giants from the Tokyo S Rank Gate were in Solo Leveling the strongest Magic Beasts. The Giants, as servants of the Monarch of the Beginning, were each beyond the level of the average S Rank Hunter. A national-level hunter, Liu Zigang, the most muscular Hunter in China, also said that it was pretty difficult for him to kill the Giants when he was fighting in water.

9. Kamish

He was considered the humanities greatest calamity, and that too for a good reason. He was S Rank Gates’ first boss to ever open in the world, also killing hundreds of S Rank Hunters before he finally met his defeat at the hands of the five National Level Hunters. Kamish also left behind a Rune with the OP magical skill, Dragon’s Fear.

10. The Architect

He is a humanoid mage who, to offer his services in finding a suitable human vessel so that he can take over the Shadow Monarch's power, came to Ashborn. He, in exchange, received an immortal body from the Shadow Monarch. He was not intelligent enough to create the System, but he was also the most powerful of the Magic Beasts. Jin-woo, after killing the Architect, ascended to the levels of the Monarch, ensuring that no Magic Beast would challenge him ever again.