Article: Top 10 Japanese Weddings That Couldn’t Last A Lifetime

Maintaining a balanced relationship is already hard. It takes two people and their undivided time, hard work, sacrifices, and compromises to make it work. What makes it even harder is when you are constantly in front of the public eye. With a hectic schedules and constant rumors around them, making things work becomes very hard. Here are a few marriages that couldn’t last a lifetime:

1. Miyazaki Aoi And Takaoka Sousuke

Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Sousuke married in 2007 after being lovers since Aoi was fifteen. The actor’s relationship lasted seven whole years but was divorced in 2011. Controversies and rumors that affected their relationship, were present throughout their marriage and divorce. Takaoka was said to have many affairs, problematic tweets, and a domestic violent nature. Miyazaki Aoi was also said to have had an extra-marital affair with the famous singer Okada Junichi. She later married Junichi and had a child with him. Takaoka also took early retirement from his acting career in 2020.

2. Honami Suzuki And Takaaki Ishibashi

Known for her iconic role in the television series “Tokyo Love Story,” the famous actress Honami Suzuki and comedian Takaaki Ishibashi called it quit in 2021. The actor-comedian duo got married in 1998 and have a daughter together. She retired from the acting industry after her daughter’s birth. And resumed her career under her husband’s company. Their marriage had been rocky for a few years that led to the final decision of divorce. They maintain an agency president and actor relationship now.

3. Teruyuki Kagawa

Teruyuki Kagawa is a Japanese actor and Boxing commentator. He marked his debut in 1989 with the film Kasuga no Tsubone. He is known for his hit films, 99.9 Criminal Lawyer: The Movie, Out, and Sway. He and his wife married in 1995. She was supposedly his longtime girlfriend and a cabin attendant. The two have a son who is a Kabuki actor. The couple had a shaky relationship for several years due to his busy schedule as an actor and Kabuki actor, which led to their divorce.

4. Kitano Takeshi And Kitano Mikiko

The famous host and comedian Kitano Takeshi is known for his show Takeshi’s Castle. The actor, filmmaker, host, comedian, and author have had a successful career in Japan. Kitano Takeshi and Kitano Mikiko wed back in the early 80’s. Their marriage of nearly 40 years dissolved in 2019. He gave a lot of his property and wealth to his ex-wife after divorce.

5. Anne Watanabe And Masahiro Higashide

The two actors met on the set of Gouchisousan in 2013 and sparked instant chemistry. Anne and Higashide were known as the “idealistic couple.” The two have three children together. However, their marriage took a turn when rumors about Higashide’s apparent violent and demeaning behavior toward women surfaced. The two divorced after the news of Higashide’s affair with actress Erika Karata came out when Anne was pregnant with their third child. Higashide and Karata are said to have gotten together in 2017 when they filmed Asako I & II. The divorce had taken an enormous toll on both Higashide and Karata’s acting career

6. Masaki Kanda And Seiko Matsuda

The famous Japanese actor Masaki Kanda married idol and pop star Seiko Matsuda in 1985. Seiko is known as the “most popular idol” of the 1980s and is still active in her career. The “Eternal-idol” and Masaki Kanda had a daughter, Sayaka Kanda, in 1986. Later, Seiko Matsuda went off the rails in the United States, resulting in their divorce in 1997. In 2021, Sayaka Kanda, an actress, and daughter of the two, took her own life.

7. Ryoko Yonekura

Ryoko Yonekura is an actress and former fashion model. She won the national young beauty award in 1992, when she was 15. And gained fame with her lead role as Michiko Daimon in Doctor-X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon. She performs the voice of Black Widow in the Japanese language in the Avenger series. The actress married a company owner in December 2014. After two years, the couple split in 2016.

8. Mitsuhiro Oikawa And Rei Dan

Mitsuhiro is a Japanese singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and actor. He was called the “Prince of Japan” for his elegant manners and looks. He married the famous actress and Japan Academy Prize nominee Rei Dan on July 27, 2011. The actors became acquainted on the sets of Aibo back in 2009. and began dating around that time. After seven years of marriage, the couple called it quit in 2018.

9. Yuki Uchida And Hidetaka Yoshioka

Yuki Uchida, a famous Japanese idol and actress, rose to fame with her fresh short- haired “Tomboy” looks and husky voice. Her most well-known work is Boys Over Flowers. She married actor Hidetaka Yoshioka, known for his role in Dr. Koto Shinryojo. The two married in 2002, following Uchida’s retirement from the industry. She then returned to her acting career after the couple divorced in 2005.

10. Ryoko Shinohara

Ryoko Shinohara is a Japanese actress famous for her roles in the House Where the Mermaid sleeps, Sakura Guardian in the North, and High-Speed Task Force Turboranger. Shinohara married actor and voice actor Masachika Ichimura in 2005. They have two children together. They divorced in 2021, with custody of the two sons going to Masachika.