Article: Top 10 Japanese Dramas That Will Make You Fall In Love With The Main Character

We’ve all had a major crush on a celebrity, a movie character, a fictional movie character, or a 2d figure. Do you remember the emotions, love, and yearning you felt then? These Japanese Main Leads will make you fall in love with them on a deeper level that you won’t be able to escape from their charm. So here’s a list of all the main leads who made all the Japanese Drama fans fall in love with them.

10. My Love Mix-Up

It is a Japanese BL comedy based on a manga of the same name. The teenage protagonist in this high school romance is smitten with a female student but discovers she prefers another guy. When her secret is revealed, the main character disguises himself as the one who has a crush on her. This phony love confession astounded his male classmate, who seriously considered whether he could reciprocate the feelings.

9. Kakafukaka

In high school, Aki had a disastrous first date with her ex-boyfriend Tomoya. She assumed she’d never see him again until she was forced to “sharehouse” with him and two other people. He persuades her to cuddle and sleep next to him because he can't “finish” with other women. It’s chaotic and exciting, and you’ll want to smack Aki and Tomoya on the head for being idiots. However, this love square will keep you interested until the end.

8. Mischievous Kiss

It’s about a girl whose confession letter was proofread by the man she gave the letter to. The embarrassment was enough to distract her. She wanted to move on, but her fate forced her to move out of her house and live with the man and his family. The story will make viewers laugh as well as angry and want to keep rooting for her.

7. Scum’s Wish

Mugi and Hanabi agree to a date if their true love rejects them. Thus begins their exclusive sexual relationship. This coming-of-age series shows how often we make mistakes when we are young. In the end, we all can learn from them and become better people for the rest of our lives.

6. Nagareboshi

Nagareboshi is unique in the sense that the romantic atmosphere is set in a darker tone. Here is a woman who was forced to live as a prostitute for some reason. She meets a man who has a secret she wants to keep. They get married not because they love each other but because it is mutually beneficial. Once they truly begin to fall in love, they can overcome their problems and inevitably find redemption.

5. Aishiteru To Itte Kure

The story revolves around a young actress living in Tokyo who falls in love with the deaf  Koji. This drama became so popular that many people were interested in Japanese sign language during the broadcast. I have to be impressed by the lovers who confront a difficult situation and hold each other through it. In particular, Hiroko studied sign language just to talk to Koji.

4. Sora Kara Furu Ichioku No Hoshi

Although portrayed as a cunning manipulator, Ryo Katase has a hidden depth. This series shows that he’s not completely irredeemable. After all, if he had no redeeming quality, he wouldn’t have been able to seduce so many women. Dojima’s redeeming qualities come to light when his sister comes into his life.

3. Zenkai Girl

Zenkai Girl follows Wakaba Ayukawa, a fresh graduate who has always dreamed of becoming an international lawyer. She thought her dream had come true when she got a job at an international law firm, but her first assignment was to babysit her boss’s 5-year-old daughter, Hinata. When she picks Hinata up from nursery school, she meets Sota Yamada and his son, who are underperforming. Wakaba and Ota become friends while raising their children, but Wakaba begins to get caught between the importance of her work and her relationships.

2. A Story To Read When You Fall In Love

Harumi, who is good at love, was an honor student in high school, but since she failed to enter a prestigious university in Tokyo, her life has been in trouble. Three men with completely different personalities fall in love with her. Her struggles are relatable to the audience from getting rejected from her dream University to her love life.

1. An Incurable Case Of Love

In this 2020 rom-com, Nanase Sakura is a rookie nurse who has just accepted her first official position at a local hospital. She’s Inspired to pursue a career in medicine after witnessing a handsome young doctor save the life of a stranger years ago, the most surprising is the fact that he’s nothing like she imagined him to be. Cold and cruel, Dr. Tendo scares most of his colleagues, but not Sakura. Sakura goes head-to-head with this devil doctor. Later Sakura proves she has what it takes, not only to do her job but also to steal the heart of this cold-hearted doctor.