Article: Top 10 Anime Characters With Amazing Dressing Sense

How we look would be the first thing one notices, and it's lucid that one might judge us based on it. The first in the list would be the dressing sense cause it says a lot about one's personality. The way we style ourselves can create a difference in people's perceptions of us. Several prominent characters are depicted stylishly in the anime world, as follows.

1. Sakuragi

Since Slam Dunk is based on smashing basketball, the character's shoe sense would shine throughout the series. The sizzling Jordans is a show-stopper, and Sakuragi should get a shout-out for being an excellent chooser in it. The way he pairs them with his outfits is worth praise throughout the Slam Dunk.

2. Space Dandy

Dandy is the futuristic man who tells us that even in the future, the old school will never go out of style. The most prominent futuristic attribute in his dress is his belt buckle and boots; the rest is an old-school marvel. His attire includes a plain v-neck paired with simple pants and a jacket that looks stunning on him.

3. Faye Valentine

Faye's dressing style is considered an epitome of grace by the entire anime world as she rocked in Cowboy Beeshop. Anyone who came in her way would be over heels, seeing her in her graceful yet fierce attire. Her attire works irrespective of occasion and gives a femme fatale vibe.

4. Future Trunks

Future Trunks' short jean jacket outfit has rocked the entire Dragon Ball franchise and is appreciated by fans. It's one of the most recognizable looks that has never been said to be overrated since many believe that character is. The first name that strikes someone when thinking of sauce and swag.

5. Fujiko Mine

Fujiko is seen as the goddess of femme fatales for her large wardrobe, mostly oozing out the best. She knows how to use her beauty to get things done; thus, she always tries to look her best. She is never seen repeating stuff and plays within the best-ever-ever pairs, even on missions. She is a woman who knows how to ideally use her beauty, so she tries to look her best.

6. Ichigo Kurosaki

Though Bleach seems to disappoint people with various stuff, this does not affect the marvelous dressing aesthetics of Ichigo, the lead. He can practically be an anime model for all that unbeatable badass styling. His styling has also used many art forms, and he looks absolutely stunning in them.

7. Kintaro

Kintaro of Golden Boy reminds the aesthetics of the 80s in his dressing sense that will never be out of grace. His unseen graceful dresses were the first thing that hit the viewers, making him the epitome of the 80s. Though he is quirky, his style is unbeatable by some of the most fancy characters, as old is gold.

8. Luffy

Though Luffy does not have a firm name for dressing sense within the series, he does have a prominent fashion statement. His collaborations with Gucci and others have had a deep impact that shows him in iconic straw hat fashion. Though he didn't pick these out, they are still iconic fashion statements that make him more likable.

9. Bulma Briefs

Bulma has been seen rocking on every occasion, whether it's earthly, war, or space-related. She always had a better version of boring outfits in her collection. She even had a better version of Saiyan battle armor that drove the audience crazy. People believe that she could have been a prominent clothing designer if it weren't for her richness.

10. Rohan Kishibe

Rohan is already a clothing designer who has been featured iconically in Gucci. His face, too, speaks of his fashion statement, including the clothes.