Article: Top 10 Must Watch Isekai Anime That Will Transport You To Another World

Isekai anime is a sub-genre of Japanese anime and manga in which the main lead transports from their regular world to a different dimension or universe. This new world may be a virtual reality game, a fantasy realm, or a parallel universe. In these stories, the protagonist usually possesses unique abilities or powers in the new world they don’t have in their previous life. Here are some must-watch top 10 Isekai anime that you should check out.

1. Log Horizon

Log Horizon, based on a manga series written by Mamare Touno, tells the story of Shiroe, a socially awkward but brilliant strategist who was one of the top players in Elder Tale. After an update, the game transports players into its fictional world in this MMORPG game. The series focuses on the main protagonist's adventures to find the mystery behind the game's transport. The series goes deeper into the effects of living in a virtual environment beyond the typical 'trapped in a game' theme. Viewers praise the story for its well-written dialogue, strategic battles, and unique magic system.

No. of Episodes: 62

Seasons so far:3

2. Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World

The story follows the life of a boy named Subaru Natsuki, who is suddenly transported to a magical world while returning from a convenience store. He discovers that he can 'Return by Death,' which allows him to travel back in time and redo a circumstance if he dies. Subaru soon realizes he is trapped in a dangerous situation. He finds himself fighting against supernatural forces and dangerous enemies. Each character in this anime has a unique take on Isekai and features stunning animation and sound design.

No. of Episodes:25

Seasons so far:1

3. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei is based on a light novel of the same name. The story is about Rudeus Greyrat, a reincarnated 35-year-old man in a baby's body in a world of sword and sorcery. Discarding his past identity, he decides to become successful in this new life by learning magic and other skills. As he grows up, he decides to become an adventurer and thus begins his journey to explore the new world. With its complex world-building and compelling characters, the series is an immersive and fun experience for fans of the fantasy genre.

No. of Episodes:11

Seasons so far: 1

4. Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!

The series is a comedic take on the Isekai genre, with a lovable cast of characters and plenty of laughs. The story follows the adventures of Kazuma Sato, a high school student who dies while returning from school on an ordinary day. When he wakes up, he finds himself in another dimension & a beautiful girl named Aqua greets him, who claims to be a goddess. The anime mixes comedy, fantasy, and parody, making it entertaining and worth watching.

No. of Episodes: 20

Seasons so far: 2

5. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Naofumi Iwatani, a Japanese teenager, is sent to a parallel universe to fight inter-dimensional monsters known as Waves. 'The Rising Of The Shield Hero' is a typical action-packed Isekai genre anime with Naofumi, in particular, being a complex and relatable protagonist who undergoes significant personal growth throughout the series. A thought-provoking storyline and gripping tale of a hero's struggle make it easy to get drawn into the world of The Rising Of The Shield Hero and become emotionally invested in Naofumi's journey.

No. of Episodes: 38

Seasons so far: 2

6. Knight’s & Magic

Yet another reincarnation story, but this time the main protagonist is in the world of giant robots. Tsubasa Kurata, our main lead, is a software engineer who is a hardcore mecha otaku (mecha otaku, a subgenre of science fiction involving the use of giant robots or piloted human operators), dies in a car accident and reaches the world of his dream. The series features detailed world-building, with a history and culture that draws inspiration from medieval Europe and Japanese anime. The mecha battles are also a major highlight of the series, with brilliant animation and creative choreography.

No. of Episodes: 13

Seasons so far: 1

7. Saga Of Tanya The Evil

The story is set in an alternate version of Europe during World War I, and it follows Tanya Degurechaff, a young girl who was reincarnated as a powerful magician and forced to fight in a brutal war between multiple countries. The historical and military themes depicted are exceptional. The animation in the anime adaptation is also notable, with impressive battle sequences and a stunning visual style that captures the darkness and brutality of war.

No. of Episodes: 12

Seasons so far: 1

8. Inuyasha

Inuyasha is a classic anime notable for its unique blend of action and humor. The story sets in the feudal era of Japan, where a girl named Kagome Higurashi gets transported. There she meets a half-demon named Inuyasha and becomes entangled in a quest to collect the fragments of a powerful jewel called the Shikon Jewel.

No. of Episodes: 167

Seasons so far:7

9. Fushigi Yuugi

The story sets in the 'Universe of the Four Gods,' a combination of modern-day Japan and a fictional ancient Chinese world. In this new world, Miaka, a teenage girl, discovers that she is the chosen priestess of the god Suzaku and that she must gather a group of warriors known as the Suzaku Seven to summon the god and bring peace to the land. The series explores themes of friendship and sacrifice and features well-developed characters with complex motivations and backstories.

No. of Episodes: 52

Seasons so far: 2

10. Restaurant to Another World (Isekai Shokudō)

The story follows a Western restaurant called Yōshoku no Nekoya (Western Cuisine Cat Restaurant), located in Tokyo but has a mysterious door that appears in a different fantasy world every Saturday. The restaurant's customers include various beings from another universe, such as dragons, elves, and magicians, who all share a love for the restaurant's delicious and comforting food. What makes Restaurant to Another World special is its combination of food and fantasy elements. The show features mouth-watering depictions of the food in the restaurant and the various fantasy worlds portrayed in vivid and colorful details. Restaurant to Another World is a heart-warming and enjoyable series that combines food and fantasy in one series.

No. of Episodes: 12

Seasons so far: 1