Article: Top 10 Chinese Reality Shows Popular In China

Chinese TV programs have been successful in the coming years. As a result, a number of our favorite Chinese celebrities are appearing on different TV programs to gain more exposure, which has attracted a large audience to the program. Additionally, TV shows provide viewers and fans with a chance to discover the unique side of their favorite celebrities. Here is the list of the Top 10 Chinese Reality Shows which are Very Popular in China

1. Beautiful Youth 

Seven cast members of the reality series Beautiful Youth travel to New Zealand in a camper van over 20 days. They visited 14 towns, stayed at 15 campgrounds, and saw a variety of breathtaking landscapes. The cast gets enough money for food, lodging, transportation, and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the journey.

2. Keep Running

Keep Running is a celebrity-filled reality competition show from China that Zhejiang TV launched. It is a popular and funny Chinese variety show. Keep Running includes cultural elements and social hotspots, which bring happiness to the audience & also show the folk customs of various places in China.

3. Go Fighting

Go Fighting features six fixed casts with occasional guests who will engage in an outdoor sports challenge in each episode. Each episode is a theme or story that allows viewers to enjoy, have fun & also learn a lesson.

4. If You Are The One 

Meng Fei hosts the traditional Chinese dating program If You Are the One. The male guests got introduced to one another through a series of questions and answers. The female guests at this time would turn on the light to indicate their readiness to continue, turn it off to point out their rejection, and blow the light to show their love till the very end.

5. Great Escape

Each episode has six celebrity players who enter an escape room with a varied theme and cooperate to find a way out. Each escape room tests their imagination, judgment, and cooperation. Viewers are also encouraged to think of ideas by paying attention to their actions throughout each program.

6. I Want To Live Like This 

I Want to Live Like This is an observational variety program produced by IQIYI. Three fixed hosts will watch and discuss the life of the guests living alone. Viewers might witness and appreciate the beauty of living alone by peeking inside the celebrity life. Additionally, with this incident, the visitors have matured and become more responsible.

7. The Irresistible 

The Irresistible is a vibrant Chinese star game variety show with contestants of all ages. Yang Yang is the team captain, along with Chen Xuedong, Huang Minghao, Wang Hedi, and Wang Yanlin. The program shown is for the two teams to participate in the game, emphasizing the personality contrast and the clash of ideas between various age groups.

8. Summer Surf Shop

Let us Sacalaca is one of the newest variety shows scheduled for the second half of 2020. In this show, four fixed cast members will operate a summer surf store in Hainan for 21 days while also learning how to surf. Its mission is to educate viewers about the Hainan surfing tradition while taking responsibility for ocean preservation.

9. Youth Periplus

Zhejiang Satellite TV produces the cultural tourist exploration variety show Youth Periplus. The show subject is a City proud of people, and it travels together with the guests. It highlights the long history and depth of Chinese culture & details the humanities and history of several towns.

10. Go Fridge

Jackson Wang, part of the K-Pop group Got7, and He Jiong are hosts of the Chinese celebrity cuisine conversation show Go Fridge. Each episode has two celebrities who arrive with their refrigerator & engage in conversation with six chefs unique about cuisine, gossip, and intriguing tales. Each episode features a 15-minute creative culinary fight between 2 chefs using ingredients from the celebrity refrigerator.