Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas And Movies Of Mike Angelo

With his extraordinary talent and captivating on-screen persona, Mike Angelo has established himself as a cherished icon in the Chinese television and cinema industries. His adaptability and enthralling performances have won him a devoted following worldwide. Here is a list of the top 10 Mike Angelo Chinese dramas, chosen with care if you're a fan or just want to check out his outstanding body of work. They offer a blend of entertainment and artistic excellence.

1. Mr. Swimmer

While Song Cha Cha is a wealthy girl whose family suffers, Bai Yong Ze is a brilliant swimmer who came from poor beginnings. Her boyfriend, Lan Tian, who is also Yong Ze's best friend, splits up with her for an unforeseen reason. The males soon start to compete in all facets of life, including relationships and careers. Before the tournament, Lan Tian's father threatens Yong Zhe to forfeit the forthcoming national swimming championship, and they both strictly practice for it. Lan Tian defends Yong Zhe and aids in repairing his reputation to uphold justice, uphold honor, and uphold good sportsmanship.

2. Delicious Destiny

In this, Mike Angelo portrays the role of Li Yu Zhe. Chef Li Yu Zhe specializes in Western cuisine and is passionate about fine dining. He meets the playwright-director Song Jia Ming, who has an exceptional sense of taste when he takes part in a TV cookery program. At first, the two fight a lot, but eventually, they become drawn to one another.

3. Legend Of Nine Tails Fox

In this, Mike Angelo portrays the role of Hu Si.  The Mei fruit of Qing Qiu has long been guarded by the fox clan because of its reputation for bestowing miraculous powers onto those who consume it. However, when the priceless fruit is taken, Fei Yue, the only witness, and her family are forced through a series of adventures to return the fruit to its proper location. The fox clan members face significant challenges as they set out to locate the missing fruit. The crafty foxes, who are frequently engaged in human matters, must make every effort to survive, yet humans are the least of their concerns.

4. Love In The Water

Because of how much Xiao Le loves Jia Liang, his sister comes up with an audacious plan to disguise Jia Liang to see whether Jia Liang is concerned about him or his gender. This advice was accepted by Xiao Le. Xiao Le dressed as a gorgeous female and performed a passionate dance with Jia Liang at her birthday celebration. Jia Liang eventually recognized Xiao Le, who was prepared to pass for a lady for him. What decision would Jia Liang make in the face of Xiao Le's tenacious pursuit?

5. Surprise

In this, Mike Angelo portrays the role of Zhu Ba Jie. Surprise covers the daily follies of Wang Da Chui, a figure who moves through both contemporary and traditional situations. The tiny monster Wang Da Chui stood out from the crowd because he was endowed at birth with pointed ears and basic magic.

6. My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2

In the first season, a vehicle accident brought second-rate actress Tian Jing Zhi and mutant Xue Ling Qiao together, and they subsequently fell in love. But he decides to go to give her a quiet and regular existence. The fantasy love story between a human and a mutant is continued in the sequel. Tian Jing Zhi learns that she is pregnant soon after Xue Ling Qiao leaves. Xue Ling Qiao secretly moves in next door to safeguard the mother and child out of concern. Tian Jing Zhi makes friends with Yun Zhen, a different mutant. Yun Zhen starts a love relationship with her.

7. Little Valentine

In this, Mike Angelo portrays the role of Gong Yan. Hu Jun portrays a single father to Gina Jin's portrayal of his lone child. As Hu Jun learns the dos and don'ts of becoming a father, the contemporary drama investigates the relationships between many types of parental figures. He has to cope with his obstinate mother in addition to his hormonal daughter and a potential love affair.

8. Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

Wu Xin is an immortal wanderer who has no memory of how long he has lived or how he came to be. However, he possesses extraordinary abilities that allow him to perceive and deal with spirits (both good and evil) that still prowl the living world. To support himself, he poses as a wandering monk. He fell down a cliff while traveling and was buried beneath a blanket of leaves. Wu Xin noticed Li Yue Ya eating a steamed bun while she was walking by and came out of the mound of leaves to ask for food. Yue Ya was gracious enough to give him half her bun even though he startled her.

9. Pride Vs. Miss Prejudice

In this, Mike Angelo portrays the role of Jiang Hai. A web blogger named Tang Nannan has experienced love thanks to fate. She is an ambitious writer who frequently thinks in ways that are too unusual for the typical individual. She daydreams a little too much because she wants to be successful. One day, she unintentionally destroys Zhu Huo's proposal to his dream girl, turning him into a foe. The two find themselves in a situation where they must cohabit while clinging to their respective egos and biases. Xiao Jian Jun, a close friend of Zhu Hou, immediately falls in love with Tang Nannan and begins to pursue her. Their relationship starts in struggle because Zhu Hou causes more strife than resolving it.

10. My Little Princess

This lighthearted drama follows the story of Lin Xing Chen, a quirky girl who disguises herself as a boy to attend an all-boys school. She crosses paths with Jiang Nian Yu, a popular student with a secret of his own. As they navigate school life, their interactions lead to humorous and touching moments. The drama explores identity, friendship, and the unexpected connections that can form in unexpected places.