Biography: Kinya Aikawa

Spot Info

Real Name: Kinya Aikawa

Other names: Toshiaki Ikawa

Personal Details

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Mother Tongue: Japanese

Languages Known: Japanese, English

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Birth Place: Sugamo, Japan

Born on: 25 June, 1934

Died on: 15 April, 2015

Hometown: Tokyo

Gender: Male

Martial Status: Married

Blood Type: A

Family Details

Husband/Spouse Name: Midori Utsumi

Kinya Aikawa was one of the pre-eminent personalities with exceptional talent whose death rendered speechless to the whole world. He was a Japanese actor, voice artist, and tarento. He was well-recognized for his roles in Sayonara Morocco (1974), Kurogoma Katsuzô: meijiishin ni damasareta Otoko (2012), Speed Racer (1967), and for numerous other masterpieces.

Kinya was born on June 25, 1934, in Sugamo, Tokyo, Japan to Mr. Shun Sakurai and Mrs. Miki Irie. He had his birth name Toshiaki Ikawa which was later changed to Kinya Aikawa. He has a sibling named Tsunehiko Watase. He was raised in Japan only and finished his schooling at the esteemed school of Japan, and went to University to complete his educational qualifications.

His work has been worthy of admiration and beginning from his acting roles and a few of the examples are; Torakku Yarō series (1975-1979), The Battle of Port Arthur (1980), Edo Porn (1981), and Naruhodo! The World (host, 1981–1996). In addition, he was majorly known for his voicing roles in the Japenese Industry such as Speed Racer (1967), Ken’ichi Mifune / Racer X, Kaibutsu-kun (1968), Dragon Ball: The Path to Power (1996), Gokū no Daibōken (1967), Space Ace (1965), How to Murder Your Wife (Stanley Ford), Irma la Douce (Nestor Patou / Lord X), Mister Roberts (Ens. Frank Thurlowe Pulver), The Wackiest Ship In the Army (Lt. Rip Crandall), and Strangers on a Train (Guy Haines (Farley Granger)), Some Like It Hot (Jerry – ‘Daphne’), Under the Yum Yum Tree (Hogan), Vampiyan Kids (2001).

One of his unique pieces of work was when he voiced for a 25-episode TV Series, which was broadcasted from April 14 to May 29, 1978, on Asahi TV. Albeit, the series was based on a French series of Maigret mystery books by Georges Simenon. Aikawa released a version of this in a Japanese setting. Speaking about his personal life, he married Midori Utsumi. Due to some personal differences, they were divorced in 1978.

Later, unfortunately, Aikawa died on April 15, 2015, in Tokyo due to lung cancer. His life and career journey are remembered by people and experts from the Industry. His accomplishments established his name and helped him in making a strong fan following base. All this was possible due to his never-ending efforts and the faith he had in himself. Even after his death, his work is still acknowledged. He was one of the successful voice artists of Japan.

Professional Details

Skills: Actor, Voice-Over Artist

Profession: Voice-Over Artist

Casual Details

Eating Habits: Veg & Non-Veg

Smoke Or Drink: Yes

Physical Details

Eye colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Tattoo: No


Debut Year: 1975

First Break: The Battle of Port Arthur (1980)