Article: Top Ten Must Watch Chinese Sports Drama

Chinese Dramas have been gaining international attention for their plot and visuals, which are fascinating and refreshing to watch. This industry’s popularity is almost reaching the same level as Korean dramas. The series also has a range of varieties like romance, mystery, mythological, historical, and sports. Among these genres, sports-themed series have their fan base of  people who don’t like sports, tend to start feeling passionate after watching the series. Here are the top ten Sports-Themed Chinese dramas that everyone should watch.

1. Skate Into Love (2020)

Skate Into Love is a sports romance drama about a hockey player named Ling Yu Bing and a speed skater named Tang Xue. The series is an uplifting drama that shows the struggles of professional athletes, such as disapproval from parents, fierce competitors, and slumps in their careers. The series spreads the message of believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams, no matter what happens. The series is must watch sports drama as it shares insight into the sports community and tells us how encouragement during tough times can make a difference.


 2. My Mr. Mermaid (2017)

My Mr. Mermaid is a sports romance drama that follows the story of a former swimming champion Tang Yi Bai who falls from grace after being wrongly accused of failing a drug test, and Yun Duo, the new sports reporter. The series is  about  friendship and romance between a reporter and an athlete. The series also has a great soundtrack that fans love as it has meaningful lyrics about love and chasing your dreams which makes the listeners pumped up.


3. The Best Of You In My Mind (2020)

The Best of You In My Mind is a drama based on the novel “Cream- Flavored unrequited Love” by author Zhu Yi that tells the story about Xu Fang an archer and Lin XI Chi who is his childhood friend. This is a modern-day college drama that shows how the female lead Lin Xi Chi and the male lead Xu Fang start from being childhood friends and end up as lovers.


4. Sweet Combat (2018)

 Sweet Combat is a drama about kids attending a university that trains high-class fighters, and it stars former EXO member Lu Han. Ming Tian is someone who dislikes violence, and when he receives an offer that he could not refuse- of a scholarship to attend an all-girls combat academy that now attends males. He meets Fang Yu, an heiress to a wealthy family who faces problems, and the series shows how they fall for each other. The series teaches us about self-acceptance, standing up for yourself, and the importance of being there for your family. The series is something everyone should watch as it explores many dilemmas that exist in youths.


5. The Prince Of Tennis (2019)

Lu Xia is a tennis prodigy who lived overseas since he was a child with his parents and inherited his father’s tennis skills. Lu Xia is a great tennis athlete but is trapped under his father's shadow and only sees tennis as a tool to win over him. Upon returning to China, he joins the high school tennis team and meets many great players who help him find his own identity. The series is a must-watch for viewers who love sports-themed dramas as it entirely focuses on tennis and teaches the importance of working together.


6. My Unicorn Girl (2020)

Sang Tian is an aspiring figure skater who vows to be accepted to the same university that her mother once attended, and she must undergo  a test too. She fails the entrance test, and plans don’t go as she expected them to, so she cross-dresses as a male ice hockey player and gives the test for which she gets selected. Things start to go downhill when Wen Bing, a man with whom she had crossed paths. This series shows a budding love between two people who chase their dreams at any cost. The series is a must-watch as it is comedic, romantic, and entertaining.


7. Take Your Mark (2017)

Take Your Mark tells the story of swimming friends Zhang Ruo Chen and Cheng Zhe Hai, who dream of making it to the national swim team. To make it to the team, they have to compete with each other, and Ruo Chen wins. After the competition, Zhe Hai disappears, and after two year's they reunite at the same sports school, but one has lost interest in swimming. The series shows how they go through school and face all obstacles together. The series teaches us a lesson that giving up is not everything and that life throws problems at us to overcome them.


8. Whirlwind Girl (2015)

Qi Bai Cao tragically loses her parents and is taken in by a disgraced martial arts champion Qu Xiang Nan. Qu Xiang was a world champion accused of doping and considered a disgrace to the town. She trains hard to become a  talented taekwondo athlete and is on her journey to be the best. The series tells us how one can achieve anything once people set their minds.


9.  Hello, The Sharpshooter (2022)

Hello, Sharpshooter is a romantic sports drama that tells us the story of Tang Xin and Shen Qing Yuan, who is a shooter. They knew each other in high school, and when they come across as adults, he does not remember her. Tang Xin is a trainee reporter assigned to interview the team, and for some reason, Shen Qing Yuan's aim gets affected by her, and he does not understand why. The series will keep everyone on their toes as it deals with psychological aspects and is enthralling to watch.


 10. Ping Pong Life (2021)

Ping Pong Life is a sports drama that revolves around the lives of professional table tennis players and their journey to become representatives of the sport on the world stage. The series is more about two ping pong players,  Xu Tan, who is physically weak but passionate, and Yu Ke Nan, who is talented. Both stand together and face all obstacles in fulfilling their dreams, representing their country on the world stage, and bringing glory. The series has a great plot where the scriptwriters have written about the pains, struggles, and growing maturity of the characters going on the journey of achieving their dreams.