Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars Who Married Their Managers

It has become quite common for celebrities to marry their manager or assistant because of their busy schedules. Not having time for relationships, celebrities often prefer to be with someone who knows their work. Sometimes, they develop feelings for people working for them or from the same industry. Not everyone thinks this way, but a few may prefer to do so. There are many dramas related to these concepts, and many audiences have liked the idea for series or movies. But a few of them are sad with this concept being practically implemented in real life, as they love to imagine their idols themselves.

1. Hu Ge

Hu Ge shocked the fans when he announced that he was married and was the father of a baby girl. He did not reveal the identity of his wife as she was not a public figure. The fans discovered the identity of the actor’s wife and found that he had married his manager in Shanghai in 2022. Initially, the wife joined his team as a make-up artist, then she was promoted to assistant, and in the end, she became his manager.

2. Jam Hsiao

Jam Hsiao surprised his fans by announcing that he was engaged to his manager, and they had been secretly dating her for the past 16 years. He proposed to his wife on 26th June and had an intimate party with their families and friends. His wife had been his manager since his debut, and he had decided to propose to his wife a day before her 50th birthday.

3. Leo Ku

Leo Ku dated his assistant in secret for almost 20 years. They never disclosed their relationship to the public because they feared that might ruin Leo’s career. Finally, the couple got married in secret in 2014, and in 2020 they welcomed their son. While announcing his marriage via post, he said she had faithfully taken care of him during his work, and now he wishes to take care of her in the future.

4. Leon Lai

Though Leon Lai has never confirmed that he is married to his assistant. According to speculation, he seemed to have given a hint during his concert. His assistant joined his label as an assistant of Aarif Rahman, but when he left, she became Leon’s assistant. News regarding their relationship started regulating in 2018. The assistant/wife gave birth to his baby in the same year.

5. Chang Chen

Chang Chen and his former assistant dated four years and married in Taipei in 2013. The couple had a glamorous wedding and invited many celebrities, unlike other stars who had a secret wedding with their managers. Though Chang Chen had always been very private about his personal life, he opened up about their marriage while tying the knot together.

6. Wu Bai

Wu Bai and his manager dated for 12 years before they got married. They had a private wedding with their family and a few close friends. In 2005, in an interview, Wu Bai revealed that he had married his manager in Fukuoka, Japan. She continued to work as his manager and has been married for 20 years. But they have kept their relationship private since the announcement of their marriage.

7. Kenny Bee

Kenny Bee and his girlfriend’s love story is quite a unique one. Just like during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom promise each other to stick through thick and thin. His girlfriend did the same when he was at his lowest point. When Kenny lost millions of dollars (HK dollars) in debt after the market crashed, she helped him financially and became a mother to his two children from his previous marriage. They dated for 17 years, and finally, they got married and had two daughters. They became a happy family of 6 members.

8. Hang Dong

Hang Dong and his said-to-be wife’s relationship is still unknown as the actor never gave an official statement regarding his marriage to his agent. The news about their relationship is just speculation made by the fans. According to this, he married his girlfriend, who is his agent, and they had children together.

9. Yuan Chengjie

Yuan Chengjie, though a famous actor and singer, has been quite vocal about his relationship with his agent after the public became aware of it. After dating his agent for quite some time, the actor finally proposed to her in 2013. The lovely couple officially tied the knot and became husband and wife. Later, the couple welcomed their children.

10. Zhang Shihe

Zhang Shihe’s love story will make many people believe in destiny. The actor and his wife were meant to meet and fall in love. The actor was very famous during his time and won many awards. He had to give an interview, and the reporter who interviewed him was his future wife. They met that day for the first time. They dated for 13 years and then finally became husband and wife.