Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies Based On Prostitution

Here are the top 10 ten Chinese movies based on prostitution that you’ll like-

1. Thirty Years Of Adonis, 2017

The movie was directed by Scud and released on 15 September 2017 in Taiwan. Synopsis-It tells the tale of a young man who performs in the Beijing Opera. He decides to pursue acting, and soon he is offering men and women commercial sex. Yang Ke, a 30-year-old man, aspires to be a well-known Beijing Opera performer. He is a handsome man who charms both men and women with ease. However, his destiny forces him to join a cult-like group of male sex workers, which propels him into the underground. In spite of his faith and willingness to give, he is still a prisoner of his karma. In a heartbreaking moment from which there is no turning back, the final truth is revealed. When heaven appears nearby, hell is waiting.

2. Lan Yu, 2001

The movie was released on 22 November 2001 and directed by Stanley Kwan. Synopsis- As he approaches middle age, Chen Handong (Hu Jun) has only experienced success. He is the head of a rapidly expanding trading company and the oldest son of a senior government bureaucrat. He works hard and plays hard. Few are aware that Handong prefers boys to girls when it comes to taste. With a young youngster named Lan Yu (Ye Liu), Chen forges a bond that lasts longer than he ever anticipated.

3. Flowers Of Shanghai, 1998

Released on 17 October 1998 and directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Synopsis- in a Shanghai brothel where nothing is lovely, women struggle. The movie centers on four men who chase several "flower ladies," or courtesans, for pleasure. The courtesans the males use are Crimson, Jasmin, Jade, Pearl, and Emerald. Jasmin works at the East Hexing Enclave brothel, whereas Crimson is a member of the Huifang Enclave. Emerald dwells in the Shangren Enclave brothel while Jade and her buddy Pearl work at the Gongyang Enclave. The relationships between the wealthy clients and the courtesans are typically long-lasting semi-monogamy.

4. Sex And Zen Iii, 1998

It was released in 1998 in Hong Kong and directed by Aman Chang. Synopsis-During the Song period, the families of three poor maidens sold them to the brothel Fragrance House operated by madame Tall Kau. During their training, Susan and Chinyun get closer, although Fanny, the third female, and ambitious competitor, maintains her distance. The horse trader Lui Tin eventually purchases Susan's virginity at auction from Lin'an, but instead of taking Fanny, he gives her to Chu Chi-Ang, a young and naive scholar he met at the brothel. Despite being treated as Lui's concubine, Fanny falls in love with Chi-Ang, and as she learns that Susan was Lui's first choice, her jealousy of Chi-Ang develops.

5. The Goddess, 1934

The movie was released in 1934 in China A young mother in Shanghai must turn to prostitution in order to maintain her son. While avoiding the police, the young woman unknowingly comes under the shelter of a criminal, who then attacks her and makes her work for him. Despite being coerced into continuing to wander the streets, the lady starts to covertly save money to send her son to a good school. When the boy reaches adulthood, his mother fulfills her desire, but only until a teacher starts looking into her history.

6. Blush, 1995

The movie’s initial release was on 8 September 1995 and was directed by Li Shaohong. Synopsis- Qiu Yi and Xiao must quit their jobs as prostitutes after the Cultural Revolution in China and go through rehabilitation. While Qiu Yi marries Lao Pu, a previous client who is affluent enough to support her, Xiao uses the chance to start over and enrolls in factory worker training. But eventually, both the fortunes and the relationships of the couples change, with Qiu Yi seeking asylum in a Buddhist monastery and Xiao beginning an unexpected connection with Lao Pu.

7. The Flowers Of War, 2011

The movie was released on 16 December 2011 in China and was directed by Yi-Mou Zhang. Synopsis-In 1937 Nanjing, an American (Christian Bale), tries to save some Chinese students and prostitutes from Japanese forces.

8. The Farewell, 2019

The movie was directed by Lulu Wang and was released on 12 July 2019. Synopsis-A Chinese family plans a wedding before their grandma passes away after learning that she has little time to live. Billi, however, disagrees with the family's choice.

9. Black Coal, Thin Ice, 2014

It was released in China on 21 March 2014 and directed by Diao Yinan. Synopsis-When the killings resume, two ex-cops launch an investigation into the string of homicides that ended their careers.

10. Gatao -The Last Stray, 2021

The movie was released on 5 February 2021 in Taiwan and was directed by Ray Jiang. Synopsis- When a freelance photographer shows up late for her job at a whole moon party thrown for a crime boss's newborn, romance unpredictably emerges.