Biography: Kim Myung Soo

Spot Info

Real Name: kim myung soo

Nickname: Cold City Man, Center

Other names: Kim Myung-Soo

Personal Details

Nationality: south korean

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Birth Place: Seoul, south korea

Born on: March 13, 1992

Age As On Today: 32 years

Gender: male

Blood Type: 0

Education Details

School: Duk-soo High School

College: Daekyung University

Family Details

Siblings: Kim Moonsoo (younger brother)

Professional Details

Skills: Photography, acting, playing guitar

Profession: actor, singer

Agent: Management 2sang

Casual Details

Hobbies: Reading comics, Cooking, Fashion

Likes: He likes to read the manga Naruto, Bleach and One Piece

Interests Details

Pets: has a cat named Byeol

Physical Details

Eye colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black


Favourite Color: black


Debut Year: 2011

First Break: small role in the Japanese drama ‘Jiu Keishicho Tokushuhan Sousagakari’

Awards: best icon- Asia Artist Awards
popular star (actor)- Asia Model Award

Social Media

Instagram: @kim_msl