TV Show Review: Parasite Challenge Cravity






Drama Digest

Parasite challenge cravity is a TV show in which members of the group ‘cravity’ enter the parasite house full of challenges with no idea of what awaits them in the house. Cravity is a South Korean boy band of nine members formed by Starship entertainment. Parasite house is like a secret treasure hunt place where members enter and discover many surprises, secrets, challenges etc. It includes personal snacks, Christmas gifts, etc. It was all fantastic until an alarm went off, which made members startled. What was that alarm?? Are they going to find out what is awaiting them in the parasite house??

The Feel-Good Part

This show mainly focuses on introducing the childish, amusing, and wonderful parts of the cravity members that the audience doesn’t know. They are all like curious kids who enter a random place and get lost. This makes the viewers more amusing and entertained, which is the best part of the show.

In-Depth Analysis

They enter the house and find out lots of variety of food items that made them happier. They inbox Christmas gifts and were cheerful about the toys and kind of stuff they found out. Each member has a camera for themselves that helps the viewers to enjoy the cute expressions and individual dialogues of every member.

The Disappointing Factor

It fails to convey the theme to the audience theme of the show. In the first episode, we will not get any impression of what the show is really about.

Star Power

All the members play cute and striking which, makes the show more exciting and entertaining.

Overall Opinion

It is a beautiful show that makes us feel good and relaxing. Anybody who wants to laugh and cheer could depend on this show.