TV Show Review: The Treasured Voice Season 2





1 Hrs 40 Mins



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A showcase of talent and some of the best voices in the music industry is back for its second season. This time around, the talent is undeniable and the performances are out of this world. The Treasured Voice is a show that gives a platform to a wide range of musical talents where our hosts seek to find their most compatible singers and the ones who can express their love for music in the best way. With added audience interactions and some big names, you can be sure to have a feast for your eyes and your ears. With a wide range of special guests, our six hosts; Sara Liu, Cannon Hu, Tiger Hu, Angela Chang, Meng Mei Qi, and Shang Wen Jie, showcase some of the best singers out there and these singers give us performances like no other. What will they have to offer? What do these performances look like? Watch as these singers and their mentors give us music and performances as we’ve never seen before. There’s nothing better than the treasured voice.

The Feel-Good Part

For the two seasons that this show has been on the air, the judges have still maintained their likeability and charm. This helps the audience relate to them more and keeps them watching every episode. The judges feel less like judges and more like mentors that want to see their contestants thrive and be better musicians. The show also has a great premise of expressing a love for music rather than using music as a tool for them to get further in a competition. This allows contestants to truly do what they are passionate about and express their musical stylings in the best ways possible, unlike other competition shows that require contestants to fit into a different mold each week. Perhaps, the best part of this competition as a whole is the sheer talent and performances in each episode. Each episode is filled to the brim with amazing performances that are just amazing to watch and leaves its audience in awe.

The Disappointing Factor

The format of the show is quite unclear. Like most Asian singing competitions, the premise shifts from show to show and there isn’t a fixed outlook on how the competition will play out. It does get confusing for first-time viewers to understand what kind of show it is. Is it a competition? Is it a variety show? Or is it a pseudo-concert? Aside from the format, the only other problem with the show is the episode runtime which is an hour and forty minutes which is as good as a feature-length film. There are a lot of contestants to look at so that length seems justified but you do lose focus after a while when you watch this show.

In-Depth Analysis

This show does give a great look at music and since the focus is mainly on love for the music we get some great performances and a show unlike any other. It is a great example of how when you center a show around passion rather than winning a prize, you can truly see the contestants shine in what they do best.

Star Power

Our main panel of judges includes Sara Liu, Cannon Hu, Tiger Hu, Angela Chang, Meng Mei Qi, and Shang Wen Jie. Sara Liu is a singer who has appeared on several TV shows such as The Coming One Season 1, Liu Tang De Ge Sheng 2, and Sweet Tasks 2022. Cannon Hu is part of the pop duo, Yu Quan. He has also starred in two movies; Jian Bing Man and Forever Young. He has also appeared in TV shows such as Day Day Up, Duets Season 1, Sing My Song, and more. Tiger Hu is also a singer, songwriter, producer, and musical director. He starred in movies and dramas such as Longmen Express, Oh My God!, Fall In Love Like A Star, and The First President. He also appeared in TV shows such as We Are Young, Rock & Roast, Be the Idol, and more. Angela Chang has starred in Romantic Princess, Bump Off Lover, At Dolphin Boy, My MVP Valentine, Death Ouija 2, Shadows of Love, and 10+10. She also appeared in TV shows such as Come Sing With Me, A Date with Lu Yu, and Happy Camp. Meng Mei Qi is part of the South Korean Girl group, WJSN, and a former member of Rocket Girls 101. She starred in movies such as Autumn Fairy Tale, Step Up: Year of the Dance, and Jade Dynasty. She also appeared in TV shows such as Born to Dance, China Trending Now, and Produce Camp 2021. Shang Wen Jie is the champion of Super Girl season three. She stars in Coming Back and appeared in TV shows such as Super Idol: Season 2, Super Vocal 2, and Challenge League.

Overall Opinion

This show is a fresh take on the musical competition and it is definitely worth the watch. The only hurdle when watching this show is its runtime.