Movie Reviews: DIVOC-12

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2 Hrs 9 Mins

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An anthology project curated by Sony pictures entertainment to bring out the creative sides of the people that are affected by the pandemic. It consists of 12 short films with its unique storylines. Watch the anthology to see the other creative side of directors and elements of parallel cinema.

The Feel-Good Part

The feel good  aspect of this anthology is that it features 12 directors who have created 12 short films, each of which showcases their individual creativity. The motivation for releasing this anthology is to support the production staff and artists who have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, and it is a great initiative by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Another feel good factor which this anthology has given us is that it’s completely out of the mainstream cinema and it’s reach is not completely dependent on the marketing but the talent which the people have and how they generate ideas.

The Disappointing Factor

The anthology’s disappointing aspect is that it failed to execute itself. And the money raised by this anthology isn’t supporting art venues with labour costs or other expenses. Another disappointing factor is that lesser people were knowing about this project which is also a factor for the less allocation funds of the anthology. The marketing of this anthology should have been done properly.

In-Depth Analysis

DIVOC is the antonym of COVID and is a Sony Pictures Entertainment attempt to alleviate the stress that production personnel and filmmakers are experiencing by showcasing their tale of unique storylines through this anthology. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young production workers who are just starting out in the field to donate to the fund and have their talent put to good use. Another thing which this anthology has done Is creating a spirit of diversity among the cast and crew members and has also helped in promoting the young talent by recruiting the new people In the industry which has impacted in the growing of cinema and has also helped in creating employment opportunities in the harsh time of pandemic.

Star Power

Seino Nana, Matumoto Honaka, and Ishibashi Shizuka are the anthology’s star powers, as they flawlessly executed their roles and demonstrated their abilities.

Overall Opinion

Although the anthology was created for a greater good, most of the films in it feel identical to one another, albeit from different perspectives. Although it encourages filmmakers to be more creative and financially supports them, it lacks implementation due to the uneven allocation of funds. The message that the participating directors are trying to convey through this anthology is that movies are that one thing that can cure the problems for you and which is true because through movies we feel connected and develop our minds. Everyone should watch this anthology at least once so that they can see the contributions of the young minds and talents and their way of idea generation which can also help aspiring filmmakers and also gives them motivation of creating something out of the box.