Movie Reviews: Chivalrous Forever

1 Hrs 22 Mins




1 Hrs 22 Mins

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A female swordsman is assigned the task to protect the carrier of a royal token and list of corrupt of officials by her master. A mix-up with acreages leaves a failed scholar mistakenly with a valuable crate. An all out attack is launched by the royal enuch to kill them and recover the incriminating evidence.

The Feel Good Part

The storyline was decent and cinematography was top-notch. The dialogue delivery was perfect according to the storyline.

The Disappointing Factor

There were tiny plot holes in the story otherwise the overall story, presentation and the message it conveyed was nice.

In-Depth Analysis

The film played outline a wuxia sketch show. At a point, an unconscious character fabricating in the road swivelled away to avoid being hit by a wagon and the went back to bending like a prone. The sword fights were slow and not properly choreographed. An interesting story was hidden behind the rough appearance. The movie played in enthusiastic with many heroes. Because of a swordswoman was featured it gave a little bump. The movie is not much promising but it somehow, managed to entertain it’s audience.

Star Power

The female lead gave her all throughout the movie and committed herself to the role. Other actors also did justice with their roles.

Overall Opinion

The movie is good to go ahead with. It will entertain you. It is a decent movie to get on with.