Drama Review: Neth Mahunnop

Also Knowns As: The Blue Ocean Diamond, Net Mahannop


1 Hrs 30 Mins



Drama Digest

A perfect robbery-investigation drama narrating the unfolding of the events of a big diamond robbery, and for that Security company owner Promphoom, a former police officer, is responsible for breaking the case, finding the real thief .To get to know this interesting cat-mouse game between the villain and a former police officer you need to dig yourself into this drama.

 The Feel-Good Part

The concept of this drama is eye-catchy. For all those investigating and mind-blowing plotting and robbery genre lovers, it’s a great drama to watch. The story has been crisped into nine short episodes, which again is a plus point as it’s not a time-consuming one. The mystery element in this drama has been put out in the script in such a phenomenal way that it intrigued the viewer and became the main grip holding part of the whole drama.The action sequence is great

The Disappointing Factor

Even though the plot is really great of this dramaat the same time, it lacks the presentation in. The way scenes are presented lacks the polished feature as a final product. Also, if there were more episodes, a better and a lot of improvised character development could have been witnessed by the audience. So, if you can ignore the lack of perfect presentation and you are more about the plot, then this drama is for you indeed.

In-Depth Analysis

Lisa is the main little girl of the administrator of Thailand’s most prominent adornments organization, Luo Ra, who will move on from the British gems plan office, and plans to get back to Thailand Help father’s profession. Lisa is lovely, kind, wise, and liberal, and has a delicate, circumspect, bright and solid life partner, Ajie, who studies cooking in the UK. The two are incrediblytender and have effectively discussed marriage. Out of nowhere, Lisa got the news that Luo Ra was hospitalized, and Ajie and Lisa rushed back to Thailand. Really at that time did Lisa understand that Luo Ra’s organization was in high obligation and had no real option except to unload his private jewels.

Furthermore, the adornments sell-off exercises that Laura is planning to hold are additionally taken over by Lisa. The focal point of the crowd’s consideration of the crowd in this adornment sell-off is the core of the ocean, a unique and essential old blue precious stone accessory that has not been seen before the eyes of the world for quite a while. Any individual who has seen Heart of the Sea needs to claim it. Luo Ra asked Promphoom, who had been a cop with many fights however, was outlined by a miscreant and is at present the proprietor of a security organization, to be answerable for the wellbeing of the gem closeout. Promphoom is overbearing, steady, and solid. From the start of the bungle, over the long haul, gradually understanding and supporting one another, Lisa progressively became enticed by Promphoom. The Heart of the Sea was r taken during the bartering. Who took the Heart of the Sea? The attendant with dubious considerations, the café proprietor who makes sure to get the Heart of the Sea, the unlikely man who got into the bartering, and the Heart of the Sea. A woman who knows her well.

Star Performance

Whetherit’s ester or son yuke both are known for their perfect chemistry in their past project. Although, this drama, it didn’t reflect much on the screen maybe because of the lack the progress in the plot or the presentation of the drama,but as for being an individual characters they gave their best. It felt like they were living their character throughout the drama.Supportingnature were also great in their own way.


An Intriguing detective action-basedtheater with its crisped yet perfect storyline it’s a one-time drama but worth it for sure. So, if you are capable of ignoring the presentation as well, you are a fan of the famous onscreen “son and ester” pair you should watch it once and for its action sequence too.