Drama Review: Crime Puzzle





1 Hrs 10 Mins



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A sprouting criminal profiler, Yoo Hee, his father, was murdered in a series of startling massacres. After the deaths, Seung Min, a forensic psychologist professor and a former flame of Yoo Hee’s, confess forward to confess. He is in police supervision and is sent to high-security jail that teams with hazardous inmates. As Yoo Hee starts to investigate, cannot shake the hunch that Seung Min is not a criminal and she may have hidden motives of confessing the crime. But much time is not left with Yoo Hee: unrest the prison rules where Seung Min occurs to be on a strange mission. Now, the question arises that will she solve the case on time?

 The Feel-Good Part

The cinematography was at its best. They did good with building the hype, and anticipation leading to the climax event. The ending was made perfect without any plot holes in the end. The show doesn’t feel fictional and it is very well immersed. The plot is intriguing with a good story.

The Disappointing Factor

The part where the present shown is not satisfying and is riddled with plot holes and twist that we’re challenging to accept. The presentation could have been made better.

In-Depth Analysis

A scary case that has occurred has triggered the memories of the old case that happened a long time ago. To build in, let us know the feeling of  lead is a strong woman who works in the police department and live happily with her father. The drama starts with her past. Her past is scary and creepy. Interestingly, she can see people’s death. She inherited a fortune-telling power from her grandmother. On, the other side is a detective, and he uses the phrase “do you like science”? He is good at the  deduction. This duo gets together and solve the mysteries. I liked the part of the backstory bout the cult, and the way members were treated. The drama is a pleasure to watch and is not overcooked. The script gets better after each episode. This drama is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Meen.

Star Power

Kim Dan did a great job; and she, professionally presented her character. Side characters displayed brilliant acting skills. The actors gave life to their roles.

Overall View

This drama is a heart for the thriller genre fans. It is a dark criminal psychological drama. This drama won’t bore you for binge-watching. It is a dark plot with many butchery scenes.