Drama Review: Youth Never Drops Way





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The show focuses on four people from different social backgrounds who unknowingly come together on a journey of entrepreneurship with a bumpy start. They all have various personalities with their ideas and values. They become closer with every set forward through their weeping yet inspiring activities to reach with dignity, freedom, friendship, and love.

The Feel-Good Part

The show has diverse characters dealing with their personal or professional life. The characters have well-built storylines with fun personalities. The hard work to fulfill their dreams as a team and the bonding experiences afterward are wholesome to watch. The contrasting social levels and the different views on life, in general, give viewers the portrayal of societal imbalance. They had a few relatable and genuine moments that portray the reality of entrepreneurship struggles and business environments to the viewers. The individual growth of each character got seen in this show as well. The plot progression is perfect for this show as it articulates every moment. Some lead actors did a brilliant job of portraying their respective characters. The romance storylines between the two lead couples got brilliantly developed with some decent chemistry to support them. The wide shots of snow-covered scenery at the beginning of the episode are beautiful.

The Disappointing Factor

The show is character-driven, and the plot is all over the place. The first half is interesting and exciting, but it gradually declines in quality due to its unreasonable plotlines. As it portrays their everyday lives, some parts seem dull to watch as an audience but seem important in building forward plots. The dramas around some events seem unnecessary. After a while, it lacked new plot developments that get irritating at times.

In-Depth Analysis

When four ambitious young people come together by a twist of fate to work in the entertainment industry, they face many problems from the outer world and inside the team. Their beliefs and thoughts differ on every step, but they try to understand each other’s views to reach a unanimous decision. It showcases them sharing twists and turns, tears and happiness, love and friendship together to grow as a group. Through this experience, they gain dignity back, freedom for life, love life, or just a fun trip.

Star Power

The director of this show is Zhang Pu. Zheng Ming Yang, Kuang Qi Er, Ma Jin Jin, Liu Nang, Zheng Xing Xing, and Fang Ni were the actors that starred in this show.

Overall Opinion

This show is a cozy watch for the audience due to the topics it touches. It is a decent pick for viewers interested in a more dramatic view of life as a journey. It will keep audiences entertained and invested.