Drama Review: The Trick Of Life And Love





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What kind of love-hate relationship will result if you happen to save the man who irritated you the most and he meets an accident? The next thing you know, he wakes up with amnesia! Ning Cheng Ming, the CEO of Domineering, has a reputation as a professor from hell. He is saved by Li Qian, a lady he hasn’t seen in years, after a bizarre car accident. They were enemies. She was an intelligent student who had progressed to the position of all-around secretary.

The feel-good part

It is an easy-breezy romance that does not demand too much attention. It is simple, cute, and trope-ically fun. The connection between Ji Xiao Bing and Jin Wen Xin propels this rom-com to its conclusion. They are a sweet couple, and their interactions as lovers are pretty natural. The female lead is intelligent and witty and will not be seen as the whiny clueless woman typically depicted in Chinese drama. This makes the drama slightly refreshing.

The disappointing factor

Though it is a regular rom-com drama, the plot of amnesia and deception is not exactly unique. The Trick of Life and Love could have improved its storyline. The audience must accept that they will get some purposefully exaggerated comedy scenes and rashly thought characters. The CEO character could have been written better to make the audience believe that he has lost his memory rather than completely changing his personality and behavior.

In-depth analysis

This drama is a light heart romance. The chemistry between Jin Wen Xin and Ji Xiao Bing is mind-blowing. There are some comical moments from the sassy female character. This makes the drama slightly better. The high number of supporting actors and actresses, including the extras, might get a little overwhelming. If you are searching for something that does not require too much attention, this cute filler drama is perfect for you.

Star Power

Jin Wen Xin and Ji Xiao Bing played significant roles as lovers. The chemistry between them in this drama is more realistic and can make as actual lovers. The savage Jin Wen Xin adds a little spice to the overall sweet and cute romance. The supporting actors also give off a light mood vibe throughout.

Overall opinion

This cute drama is a regular rom-com with a hint of drama. This is a perfect watch for anyone looking for a filler without serious commitments.