Drama Review: Perfect Couple






Drama Digest

Chen Shan is a renowned lawyer who has devoted her life to her work. Her husband, Sun Lei, gave his career goal to take care of their daughter. This arrangement worked for a few years. Over time, it became a burden. At this very time, Chen Shan has to compete with others to get a deal from the elite Lin Qingkun for her career growth. Both of them go through multiple challenges to balance work and family. During these challenges, they found their own better partner for themselves. But they soon realize that Chen Shan and Sun Lei are perfect partners with imperfections.

The Feel-Good Part

The female lead has a good fashion which you will enjoy seeing throughout the show.

The Disappointing Factor

This show was mainly focused on the female lead more than any other characters. There are fewer elements to excite you for the next episode. The script is not a strong one in general.

In-Depth Analysis

This show is a minute representation of family life in China. The parents have focused on their careers such that the kids grow up with their grandparents. In this show, Chen Shan is always working while Sun Lei has kept his career goals on hold because he took the responsibility to look after their daughter. Equal effort in parenting is fundamental, but this couple lacks that. This show brings out some reality of parenting in the modern world. While watching this drama, you will understand why some people do not want kids or family life. This drama does not show the ultimate truth about family life, but it portrays one point of view.

Star Power

Gao Yuan Yuan took the role of the Chen Shan, and Zhuang Lu Yi played Sun Lei. This show was Gao’s re-entry to dramas after a break. Both of them have good on-screen dynamics.

Overall Opinion

It is not the best family-based show, but it is not the worst either.