Biography: Kaori Asoh

Spot Info

Real Name: Kaori Asoh

Personal Details

Nationality: Japanese

Mother Tongue: Japanese

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Born on: June 26, 1967

Age As On Today: 55 years

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Gender: Female

Blood Type: B

Kaori Asoh was born in Tokyo, Japan on June 26, 1967. Her horoscope sign is Cancer, and her blood type is B. She is a voice actor as well as a stage performer. She is also a singer and songwriter, and she has written and performed songs for the Wild Arms video game series. Amuse, Inc. is in charge of Kaori.
In Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, she voiced the titular character Ririka Moriya/Nurse Angel and performed two of the ending themes. She sang the following songs: You’ll Never Be Alone, The Night Sky, Resistance Line, Miracle, Zephyrs, and Advanced Wind. Sky High, Only the Night Sky Knows!! Fly in the sky!!
Her interests include singing, dancing, skiing, and tennis.

Professional Details

Skills: Singer, Song Writer, Stage Artist, Voice-Over Artist

Profession: Stage Artist, Voice-Over Artist

Agent: Amuse Inc.

Casual Details

Hobbies: singing, dancing, skiing

Likes: tennis

Physical Details

Eye colour: Black

Hair Colour: Brown


Debut Year: 1995

First Break: Nurse Angel Ririka SOS - Ririka Moriya/Nurse Angel and two Ending themes


Social Media

Twitter: @kaoriasoh

Facebook: @109508825734481