Article: Top Ten Thai Actors Who Look Classy In A Clean Shave

Though beard is considered attractive, the clean-shaven look has its fan following. In southeast Asia, most of the male actors and celebrities are spotted with clean-shaven looks. The Thai Entertainment Industry is no different, here too the clean-shaven look is prioritized more than the bearded look. And even genetically South East Asians have less facial hair growth if compared to other ethnicities. These Thai actors look so classy clean shaved that even a bearded person will get inspired to go clean shaved. We have researched the handsome Thai actors who look too classy to be real with a clean-shaven look.

1. Nadech Kugimiya 

Currently, Nadech Kugimiya is one of the hottest and popular Thai actors. He is a famous Thai celebrity and is also a successful model. Nadech Kugimiya is often spotted sporting a clean-shaven look. His clean-shaven look makes him look too innocent and his fans surely love and appreciate this look of him.


2. Prin Suparat 

Prin Suparat is a well-known Thai actor and model. He was born in 1990 and is known as Mark Prin by his international audience. Prin Suparat is another Thai actor who looks classy in a clean-shaven look. He is dating fellow Thai actress Kimberly Anne Woltemas with whom he starred in multiple television dramas.


3. Mario Maurer 

Mario Maurer is one of the most famous Thai actors who has fans both domestically and internationally owing to his hit films and television series. The handsome hunk is always seen having a clean shaved look and carries the clean shave look very well.


4. Kanawut Traipipattanapong 

The young lad Kanawut Traipipattanapong is often called by his nickname Gulf Kanawut. He was born in 1997. Kanawut is an actor and model. He looks super handsome and elegant while clean shaved as it justifies his good looks.


5. Suppasit Jongcheveevat

Suppasit Jongcheveevat is a powerhouse of talent as he is an actor, model, and singer-songwriter. Looks like he even tops the looks department with his clean-shaven look. He looks super dapper while being clean-shaven.


6. Pirat Nitipaisalkul

Pirat Nitipaisalkul, who is famously known by his stage name Mike D'Angelo. He is a Thai model and actor born in 1989. He is never seen with a bearded look and looks quite elegant with his clean-shaven look, probably why he never puts on a beard.


7. Thanapob Leeratanakachorn

Thanapob Leeratanakachorn is a Thai actor and model, he is often called Tor, which is also his nickname. He has Thai-Chinese family roots, with his Chinese surname being, Lee. Probably his mixed family roots are the reason for him being super attractive and he elegantly sports the clean-shaven look quite often.


8. Vachirawit Chivaaree

Vachirawit Chivaaree is popular and known by his stage name Bright Vachirawit and Bright. We must say his stage name surely justifies the handsome actor and singer, as he surely is bright. The Thai actor, singer, model, and host shares his roots in American, Thai, and Chinese ethnicity. He is always spotted clean-shaven and because he looks elegant with this look we don't complain!


9. Mick Tongraya

Mick Tongraya who is alternatively called Mik Thongraya is another Thai actor who elegantly sports the clean-shaven look perfectly. Mik was born in 1992. Mik has Thai and Danish descent. He is quite a popular face as he has starred in multiple television series and films. Currently, he has enlisted himself in the Royal Thai Air Force.


10. Prachaya Ruangroj

The last actor to be featured in this list is the Thai actor, Prachaya Ruangroj. Prachaya Ruangroj is known by the name Singto. By looking at his clean-shaven photo profiles we can surely say that Singto elegantly carries the clean-shaven look effortlessly.