Article: Top 10 Timeless Characters Of Thai

Thai cinemas are accomplished in making timeless characters, and it can be seen in a lot of their movies and tv shows. They are not only memorable but unique, having distinct characteristics which make them stand out compared to other monotonous characters made all around the world. Without further ado, let us dive into this list of top 10 handpicked, timeless characters in Thai cinemas.

1. Ting In Ong Bak

In the movie, Ting, the main character, is an ordinary villager but highly skilled in the art of Muay Thai (Thai form of martial arts). He goes on a quest to Bangkok in search of the stolen head of Ong Bak. He has profound agility and the skill to adapt quickly to just about anything. He can even take down more oversized and bulky opponents, all thanks to his nimble-footed nature.

2. Humlae In Ong Bak

This might be an infamous character, but quite eye-catching and memorable nonetheless. Humlae is Ting’s cousin who has odd behavior. He dies his hair blonde at first and insists on calling himself George. He likes biking and is sleazy as he is reluctant to help Ting and even steals his money to invest it all in an underground fight, yet, at the end of the day, he comes crawling back to Ting for help.

3. Natre In Shutter

She was the spirit and soul of this movie who haunted Tun and his girlfriend Jane, but with a tragic, heart-touching past that moved the viewers to a great extent. She was a shy girl who became friends with Tun in photography class, but he had refused to acknowledge her as his girlfriend in front of others; furthermore, his friends raped her, and he turned a blind eye. She eventually committed suicide and came back to take her revenge.

4. Zen In Chocolate

This young girl left her imprint on each viewer’s mind after they watched the movie Chocolate. Zen was the daughter of Zin, who was in love with a Japanese mafia named Masashi but was forbidden by her former lover ever to see him again. Zen grows up as an autistic girl, too infatuated with martial arts, to the point that she watches all Tony Jaa and Bruce Lee movies and hones her martial arts skills. When she has to fight off a lot of moneylenders to afford her mother’s treatments, everyone is left stunned.

5. Boonme In Uncle Boonme Who Can Recall His Past Lives

This character certainly deserves a nomination to go down in history. Uncle Boonme had lost his wife and his son shortly after went missing. He was suffering from kidney failure, so was receiving dialysis, and one day he was visited by the spirit of his wife. He also sees the ghost of his long-lost son, who is now a red-haired being; after going in search of a monkey ghost and mating with one, he forgot his old life. He embarks on his journey of being capable of seeing ghosts.

6. Chut In Brother Of The Year

Chut is a character portraying a lot of brothers all around the world. He lives with his sister Jane who usually does all the household work, but things turn upside down when she finds her love, and she needs to get married and move to Japan. It is all up to Chut to learn how to live alone and try to be a supportive brother to his sister.

7. Mai In The Whole Truth

Her character can easily pass for the most intelligently designed character, leaving the audience stunned by the movie’s end. She is a loving, hardworking mother who also works in a corporate. She lives with her son and daughter, but when she meets with an accident, her children are taken away by their grandparents. Once she returns, there is an exciting twist to the plot, showing that she is not as innocent and virtuous as people thought.

8. Sarawat In 2gether

Sarawat is a complete sweetheart all in all. He is a bright, popular but introverted student interested in guitar and a member of the Musical Club. Many girls tend to have a crush on him, but he only has his eyes for Tine; as their relationship starts on a bitter-sweet note because Tine proposes to be his fake boyfriend to get Green off his back, but later, their relationship develops into a real one, and the people adore it.

9. Tine In 2gether

His character specifically would appeal to many people still struggling to figure out their sexuality. He was always the charming and bubbly boy of the school, and he knew how popular he was but finds himself in turmoil of his own emotions when it comes to Sarawat. He was a womanizer, but gradually, he found his true love in Sarawat and did everything to prove the authenticity of his love for him.

10. May In May Who?

She is such a funny and adorable character on top of being unique that the audience loves her. May has the ability or tendency to pass electricity whenever her heart rate rises. When she discovers her student Pong’s notebook, there is a cat and mouse relationship established between them, which later develops into friendship. She is scared of electrocuting her crush Fame, but little does she know that Pong has developed feelings for her. Ultimately, she chooses Pong because he is the boy who accepts and loves her with all her flaws.