Article: Top 10 Thai Actors Who Can Sing Well

Thai actors and actresses are super talented, they are not only good at acting but also have many other talents. Their good looks can be considered as a cherry on top. Some are amazing models, some are good at cooking, some can paint well and the list goes on and on. With the growth of Thai entertainment industry, their actors are also getting recognition and with that their different talents are also coming in the view of their fans. So, let’s check out the list of some Thai celebrities who have amazing singing skills as well:

1. Witsarut Himmarat

He is a 28 years old Thai actor commonly known as most Witsarut . He is best known for his role as  ‘Joi’ in a  drama named  ‘Bupphesanniwat’. He is very famous for his good looks and amazing acting skills. He is a singer in  ‘The Mask Line Thai’.


2. Sukollawat Kanarot

This 36-year-old actor known by his nickname  ‘Weir’ is a model, songwriter,  singer and whatnot.  He starred in shows like  ‘Pin Anong’, ‘Dew’, ‘Morasum Sawat’. He has released many songs such as ‘KA TA HA RAK’, ‘NIT TRAH’ and many more.


3. James Jirayu

This amazing actor has starred in many movies and television series like ‘Timeline’, ‘Gentlemen of Juthathep’ and many more. He is 27 years old and has sung a lot of songs like ‘Jai Si Thao’, ‘Always’, ‘Kwa Cha Mi Thoe’ and many more. He is recognized widely in Thailand for his talent.


4. Nadech Kugimiya

This Austrian and Thai descent actor has starred in a lot of shows and movies like the ‘The Crown Princess’, ‘My Love From Another Star’, ‘Lom Son Ruk’, etc. This 29-year-old talented person has sung a lot of songs in his native language.


5. Yaya Urassaya

This Thai-Norwegian actress and model has appeared in a lot of movies and dramas some of which are  ‘The Crown Princess’, ‘Brother of the Year’, etc.  She is an amazing singer as well. Some of her songs are ‘Nah Li Gah Tai’, Ah Garn Ruk’ and she is widely appreciated for all her songs.


6. Grace Karnklao

She started her career after she won miss teen Thailand in 2004.  Her full name is  Karnklao Duaysianklao. She has starred in some tv dramas such as ‘Suay Sorn Kom’, ‘Likit Rissaya’ and more. She has a lot of songs under her name and has a large fan following for the reason. She can be seen singing on ‘Sing Your Face Off’.


7. Ice Preechaya

This Thai model and actress is best known for her leading role in the movie  ‘I Fine..Thank You..Love You’ which grossed really well in Thailand. Her fans can see her singing on ‘The Mask Singer’.


8. Anyarin Terathananpat

She is a very talented person as she is an actress, model, tv actress and figure skater. She has a lot of nicknames and is very popular among her fans. She also has a talent for singing and one can see her singing ‘Sing Your Face Off’.


9. Savika Chaiyadech

This Thai- Indian descent model, singer and actress is commonly known as  Pinky. She is 35 years old and has worked in a lot of movies and tv shows like  ‘Thida Satarn’, ‘The Maid’, etc. Some of her popular songs are ‘KAUB– KOON -DOW’, ‘ROO PA’and many more. She has a big fanbase for all of her talents.


10. Khemanit Jamikorn

This 33-year-old actress is commonly known as  ‘Pancake’ and is very popular in the modeling business. She has worked in a lot of tv shows like  ‘Voice’, ‘Buang Hong’, ‘Sri Ayodhya’ and many more. She has gotten a lot of appreciation and recognition from her fans, especially from Asia.