Article: Top 10 Scenes From Thai Drama F4

F4 is originally a remake of the manga ‘Hana Yori Dango’ by Yoko Kamio. Boys Over Flowers and Meteor Garden are Korean and Chinese adoptions, respectively. Gorya is a bright, hard-working girl who is a part-timer at a florist shop with her best friend, Kaning. She passed the entrance exam of a glorious and expensive school. F4 is a group of four notorious, handsome heirs to the wealthiest billionaires named Thyme, Ren, Kavin, and MJ. Gorya’s life makes an interesting turn after getting tangled up with F4, and she realizes her teenage life is not easy to live. Here is a list of the ten best scenes of the drama.

1. Gorya Saved Her Friend

In the first episode, Gorya introduces herself at Kocher High School, Bangkok. During recess, Hana and Gorya had a friendly conversation, after which Hana bumped into Thyme and dropped her food on his shoes. Thyme asked her to lick his boots; instead, Gorya stood up for her friend, saying, ‘It’s too much.’ She saved her friend from the bullying but ended up putting herself in danger by getting the red card from F4.

2. The First Move Of Thyme To Peruse Gorya

In episode 3, Thyme buys all the tickets for the bus on which Gorya was traveling. He told her that he wanted to try something new. He wanted to be with her for some time. Gorya and Thyme disagreed on the issue. The feelings of Thyme could be seen transparently in his eyes as he started falling for Gorya.

3. Thyme Is Waiting For Gorya At The Clock Tower

At the end of the third episode, Thyme waits for Gorya at the Clock Tower. He paused for a long time, and it suddenly rained. Gorya appeared, and they had a hilarious fight between them, blaming each other for getting soaked in the rain but at the same time caring for each other. The scene shows progress in the relationship between the two.

4. Thyme’s First-Time Meeting Gorya’s Family

In episode 5, Thyme reaches Gorya’s home to give her medicines. They invited him for dinner. The chaos in the family for providing the best service to the guest seems fun and upbeat. Here, Thyme remembers his family and how his and Gorya’s world is different. He had a great time with her family, and her family cherished Thyme. The scene shows even though; Thyme is rich, he never got cared for or loved by his family.

5. Date In The Zoo

Thyme and Gorya visit a zoo in episode 6. Kaning and her boyfriend also join Gorya and Thyme. They had a lot of fun. Though it was challenging and uncomfortable for Thyme; he tried his best to be patient and have fun with the gang.

6. Shifting With Gorya As A Neighbor

To protect and support Gorya, Thyme decides to buy a house next to her. He gets a chance to be closer to Gorya and her family. Gorya helps him with all his chaos, and they have a blast living next to each other as they can take care of each other easily.

7. Thyme’s Birthday Celebration

In episode 9, Gorya attends the grand celebration of Thyme. But Thyme’s mother tries to insult Gorya for her poor background. Here comes one of the epic scenes where Gorya bravely faced her. She even bought Thyme a gift that was not an expensive but put her heart into preparing it. She never got the chance to give the present to him.

8. The Pool Party

In Episode 13, Thyme wants to surprise Gorya and confess his love to her properly by throwing a pool party. But the situation turned hilarious when Gorya left the party and ignored Thyme. She left the place to help her best friend, Kaning.

9. Thyme Remembers Gorya Again

In episode 16, Gorya tries hard to pursue Thyme’s mother and finally wins her heart. She understood that Thyme was only happy when he was with Gorya. She opens the gate for Thyme and Gorya in her heart. On the other side, Thyme finally recovers from his memory loss and remembers Gorya and his previous life. Gorya fought hard for Thyme.

10. Happy Ending

Finally, the struggles of Thyme and Gorya came to an end. She got a proper proposal and accepted it happily. She finally understood the meaning of life and how important people become around her.