Article: Thai Celebs With Their De-Glam Siblings

Earning money in the entertainment industry takes effort. Mostly siblings of famous actors and actresses follow their brothers or sisters to become a celebrity and get good opportunities. Here we have the top 10 Thai siblings who are both actors and good in their field.

1. Mint Chalida - Mond Tanutchai

Mint Chailda has three younger brothers.  Mond Tanutchai is her younger brother, as talented as her. He is with GMM. Mond has shown his acting skills in the dramas like 'Fabulous 30', 'Wanter Boy,' and 'The Underclass: Hong Nee Mai Mee Huay.'

2. Frunk Naikul - Pond Ponlawit

Pond Ponlawit is the handsome younger brother of Frunk Narikul, who is also working under Nadao Bangkok. Pond Ponlawit appeared in the TV dramas "Bangkok Love Stories 2:Mai Diang Sa" and "My Ambulance: Ruk Chut Jai Nai Chuk Chern."

3. Nong Thana - Pat Chatborirak

Nong Thana and Pat Chatborirak follow Boy Pakorn in the Thai entertainment industry. Nong Thana works as a freelancer, and his older brother Pat Chatborirak is an actor under Thai TV3.

4. Margie Rasri And Marina Sadanun

Marina Sadanun Balenciaga is a Thai-Spanish actress, singer, and model. She works under LOVEiS entertainment in Bangkok. Marina is the younger of Rasri Balenciaga (Margie), a Thai model and actress, under Channel 3. She is filming for her new drama series- "Fai Gam Prae."

5. Gypsy And Gypso

Gypso Ariigantha Mahapreukpong, a Thai actress and model, is the older sister of Keerati Mahapreukpong, a Thai singer and actress. Gypso is the host of Sister Day and Saranair and is also doing commercials for Calpis Lacto, Rexona, and Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback.  Gypsy Keerati did ads for Sugus, True Move, Kendo, Pizza Hut, and Vita. Her well-known works include Dramas like Neth Mahunnop, Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew, Kay Hard Dao, and others.

6. Chin Chinawut And Sophie Marguerite

Sophie Marguerite is a Bangkok-based actress and singer. She is the younger sister of Chinawut Indracusin (Chin Chinawut), who is also an actor, singer, and model. Her well-known dramas include Nangda Puean Fun, Muepuen Pho Luk Tit, Plerng Rissaya, and others. Chinawut is currently in a relationship with Lily Pansirithanachote.

7. Golf And Mike

Golf and Mike is a Thai pop duo of brothers, Golf Nitipaisalkul and Pirat Mike Nitipaisalkul. They work under Thailand's entertainment company in industry, GMM. Their well-known works include Albums like Golf+Mike, One by One, GET R3ADY, RIN, 365 Days With Golf-Mike, and others.

8. Pancake Khemanit And Putter Pattaranun

Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn, a Thai actress, model, and singer, is the older sister of Pattaranun Jamikorn (Putter). Pancake began her acting career in 2005 at the age of 17. She signed with True4U. Her brother, Jamikorn's acting career started in 2015 under Channel 7. In 2021, Jamikorn won the Best Actress Award in Online Series for her role in the drama "Mother" (2020).

9. Navin Tar And Win Tawin

Navin Yavapolkul (Tar) is a Thai actor, model, singer, and lecturer. Tar has a sister and a younger brother, Win Tawin Yavapolkul, who is also a Thai actor. Tar has starred in many dramas like Talay Prae, Nang Bap, Fan Rak Fan Salai, Ngao Jai, and many others. Win Tawin appeared in many dramas and movies like How to Train Your Dragon, Reun Phayom, Yeow Ratikarn, Dok Kaew 2011, and others.

10. Nickhun (2PM) And Cherreen The Star

Nachjaree Horvejkul (Cherreen) is the youngest daughter of Horvejkul family. She is a Thai-based actress and singer. Cherry is the younger sister of Nickhun Horvejkul, a model, actor, singer, and dancer in the boyband 2 PM. Cherreen was a contestant in season 9 of The Star. She also starred in dramas like Tur Keu Duang Jai, Ngao Jai, Secret Love Series, Kit Hot Tai Baan Esan, In Time With You, and others.