Article: 10 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Left Channel 3

The entertainment industry requires dedication and hard work. The actors sometimes need creative freedom to express and showcase their acting skills. These actors resorted to leaving their respective agencies because they felt they could work better as freelancers. These actors moved from their agencies and did some extraordinary work. These are some talented actors and actresses that left their agencies. Channel 3 is a free broadcasting television network. It got launched on 26 March 1970. It is the first commercial television station in Thailand. It broadcasts in many countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. The channel observed a rise in its viewership within its launch. It was the first broadcasting network to facilitate 3-D movies and shows. The network facilitated a plethora of dramas from various genres.

1. Mai Warit

Mai Warit is now a freelancer after leaving Channel 3. He made his acting debut in Mae Pia Due in the year 2013. He graduated in engineering from Kasetsart University. He participated in a contest organized by the well-known CLEO Magazine in the year, 2011. He took part in the M Thailand and successfully won the competition. He got recognized for his role in Spirits of the Mekong River and Samee Ngoen Phon. He currently plays the lead role in the Thai series Risk Lust Love. He got recognized for his roles in lakorns.


2. Inn Sarin

Inn Sarin left Channel 3 after his contract with the channel ended. He is a twenty-eight years old actor. He graduated in the International Program in Design & Architecture from Chulalongkorn University. He became a disc jockey soon after completing his graduation. He debuted as an actor in Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao in 2018. He played the lead role of Taohu in the series The Miracle Of Teddy Bear. It was his last project under Channel 3, that got released in the year 2022.


3. Pariit Thimtong

Pariit Thimtong left Channel 3 to work as a free agent. He debuted as an actor in the well-known Thai drama My Secret Bride. He played the main character in the show. He got recognized for his role as Khetkhan in the show Help Me Khun Pee Chuay Duay. He acted recently in the series A Tale of Ylang Ylang. He played the guest role in the series. He played the role opposite Nine Naphat and Baifern Pimchanok. He left Channel 3 after playing this role.


4. Bua Nalinthip

Bua Nalinthip left Channel 3 to work as a free agent. She participated in the Miss Teen Thailand beauty pageant in 2006. She kickstarted her career after the contest. Bua Nalinthip made her acting debut with the series Ruk Nee Jhe Jud Hai. She played several side characters in the Thai series. She finally got the recognition that she deserved after Khun Mae Suam Roy. She received several awards for her role in the series Praomook. She made her YouTube Channel to interact with her fans and show her true personality behind the cameras. She got the most appreciation for her role in Praomook. She exceeded her fan’s expectations.


5. Mo Monchanok

Mo Monchanok departed from Channel 3 to work as a freelancer. She accepted her bachelor's degree from the Srinakharinwirot University, faculty of fine arts in acting and directing. No is also working as an intern to become a successful screenwriter. She debuted as a cameo in the drama Phiang Jai Thee Phuk Phan in 2010. She made her full-fledged debut in Love Julinsee as Uea, the main character. She worked with The One Enterprise before signing up with Channel 3. Mo Monchanok’s contract with Channel 3 ended in 2021.


6. Chippy Sirin

Chippy Sirin is now a freelancer after her contract with Channel 3 ended. She is active on her social media accounts and likes interacting with her fans. She debuted in The Sixth Sense 2 as a guest. She made her full debut in Raeng Tawan as Tantawan/Kate. She got appreciated for her fatal femme and influential roles. She was a well-known actress on Channel 3. She inspired newcomers with her extraordinary performances. She has an excellent dressing sense and is a trendsetter even for international fans.


7. Ice Preechaya

Ice Preechaya became a free agent after her contract with Channel 3 expired in the year, 2021. She is also a model and has a beauty brand. She is the face of well-known brands like Samsung and KFC. She is known for her lead roles in ATM: Er Rak Error and I Fine. Thank You.Love You. The thirty-two-year-old actress appeared in contests like Dance Dance Dance Thailand in the year, 2018. She appeared in Thai dramas Maya Sanaeha (Illusion of Love) and Ruk Nirun Juntra (Love Under The Moonlight) on Channel 3.


8. Natalie Panalee

Natalie Panalee became a freelancer after her contract with Channel 3 ended. She is only twenty-five years old. She debuted in Pope Rak as a guest. She made her breakthrough in a leading role in the Thai drama Dao Lhong Fah Phupaa See Ngern. She is currently working with Channel 7 for her new drama Luerd Kakee. She got recognized by her fans for her extraordinary acting skills.


9. Aun Wittaya

Aun Wittaya became a freelancer after his contract with Channel 3 expired. He made his acting debut with the Thai drama Noom Hao Sao Sai Hua Jai Ping in a supporting role. He appeared recently in Reuan Rom Ngiw as Khun Luang Wisan, the main character. He is well-known for his critically acclaimed role in The Fallen Leaf in the year, 2019.


10. Ohm Atshar

Ohm Atshar became a free agent after he left Channel 3. He is a thirty-eight-year-old actor, and his nickname is Rome. He made his acting debut in the Thai drama Rung Nok Bon Plai Mai as Mahanathi. He got recognition for his roles in Thai dramas Kaew Khon Lek and Sood Kaen Saen Ruk. He is currently working on his new project Game Ruk Game Payabaht, after leaving Channel 3 in the year, 2019.