Article: 10 Must-Watch Remakes Of Thai

It appears like Thailand is fascinated with Korean dramas and films. There are multiple Thai adaptations of Korean dramas, putting various turns to Korean stories. Korean dramas are known for their well-written plots and aesthetics. The Thai remakes were successful in matching up to the level of the original Korean dramas and films. There were similarities in the story, but the remakes had their flavor and twists. These are some Thai remakes of well-known Korean stories. We won't blame you for becoming a fan of Thai dramas and films after watching these adaptations.

1. Classic Again

Classic Again is an adaptation of the popular Korean film The Classic. Bota catches her mother’s romantic letters to another man that wasn’t her dad. She develops feelings for Kajorn, but things are complicated. Kajorn’s best friend, Tanil, is Bota's mother’s secret lover. He develops feelings for Non, Bota's friend from the drama club. But this turned into a love triangle because Poppy, Non’s friend, also liked the same man. The film got directed by Thatchaphong Suphasri. It features Thitipoom Techaapaikhun, Rawee Uakoolwarawat Ranch, and Gee Sutthirak Subvijitra.


2. Suddenly Twenty

The film got adapted from the Korean film Miss Granny. A single mother boasts about raising her son to be a professor, and the lady learns that the son has planned to send her to a nursing home. She wanders the streets in shock and randomly enters a photo booth. She is in awe of the way she looks in the photographs after she applies makeup for the first time. She looks young and decides to live her life to the fullest. She decides to make the most of her life and do the things she missed out on as a young girl.


3. Unlucky Ploy

The movie is a remake of the Korean film Another Miss Oh. Ploy is an assistant in a catering company. She gets into trouble because another person named Ploy is becoming the cause of chaos. The other Ploy is always one step ahead and tries to outshine. She went to the same school and became more popular. She joined the same company and earned a higher position. The sound director of a production company Naii can predict the future. He gets involved in the lives of both the Ploy.


4. Oh My Ghost

Oh My Ghost got adapted from the Korean drama Oh My Ghost (2015). A naive girl, Jiew works at a restaurant with the job of washing dishes. She develops feelings for the chef, Artit. She does late-night shifts and doesn't return home on time. She can see ghosts. Khaopun is a spirit that cannot reach heaven. She uses Jiew as a medium to lose her virginity by luring Artit so she can descend peacefully to heaven. The series is called OMG Pee Bpuan Chuan Maa Rak and Phi Puan Chuan Ma Rak.


5. Who Are You

The series got adapted from the Korean drama Who Are You: School 2015. An orphaned student, Mind gets bullied and decides to end her life. She survives and does not remember anything. She gets a new identity, Meen. Meen and Mind are twins. The new Meen meets Natee, a professional swimmer, and a charming boy, Gunkan. He helps Meen to recover her memory. She gets hurt by the truth she gets to know about her previous life. The series is called Who Are You: She Is Another Me and  Who Are You: Tur Keu Chan Eek Kon.


6. My Love From Another Star

The drama is an adaptation of the Korean drama My Love From The Star, released in 2013. Achira is an alien visiting the earth. He meets a girl who is in trouble and decides to help. He got late and didn't enter the spaceship on time. He got left on the earth for three hundred years. He has three months before he finally goes back to his planet. But he meets Falada, the girl he tried saving. He falls for Falada but needs to return to his world.


7. Secret Garden

The drama is an adaptation of the Korean drama Secret Garden, released in 2010. The series is about an arrogant and outrageous boss and a naive and poor stuntwoman. They are in trouble when their bodies get exchanged after an absurd event. They get caught up in strange occasions. The drama is also called Onlaweng Ruk Salub Rang. The series got directed by Nine Sarasawadee Wongsompetch. The series is romantic and supernatural, along with a touch of comedy. The drama got appreciated for maintaining its originality despite being a remake. The drama got broadcasted from 22nd April 2019 to 25th June 2019.


8. Autumn In My Heart

The series is an adaptation of the Korean drama Autumn Tale. The series is about Pichaa and Pan, who get separated at birth. Pichaa has an ideal lifestyle and a loving brother. Pan lives in poverty. They both get reunited with their biological families. Pichaa meets her brother Patin once again. They start falling for each other. Things start to get complex when they realize their feelings for each other. The series got broadcasted from 22nd May 2013 till 5th July 2013. The series is named Endless Love, Autumn Tale, and Autumn In My Heart.


9. Coffee Prince

The series is an adaptation of the Korean drama Coffee Prince. The series is about Win, who came from a wealthy family and never had to work. He gets forced to work at a coffee shop because of his grandmother. Nat looks like a boy and works hard. She disguises herself as a boy at work. Win starts developing feelings for Nat. The series got remakes in Chinese and Filipino.


10. Princess Hours

The series is the remake of the Korean drama Princess Hours or Goong. The series is about the crown Prince who wants to get married because of the alliance between the families but Minnie, his close friend, rejects his proposal. But now she wants to get back with him. The previous crown Princess wants her throne back. The crown Prince is in love with Kaning. The series is also called Goong Thai and Princess Hours Thai.