Article: 10 Luk Khrueng Celebrities

Luk Khrueng is a Thai term that is used to refer to a person of mixed nationalities. In a more basic sense, luk khrueng is used to classify people born to parents of varying nationalities. Continue reading to be introduced to some of the luk khrueng celebrities of Thailand.

1. Kimberley Anne Woltemas

German and Thai descent

Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri, or Kimberley Anne Woltemas, is an actress based in Thailand. She made her entry into the Thai entertainment industry in the year 2009 and worked as a model and in the filming of music videos. Kimberley made her debut appearance in ‘4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao’, which aired in 2010. ‘4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao’ was aired by Channel 3 and is one of the hottest and biggest hit TV series of all time.


2. Ananda Everingham

Australian and Lao descent

Ananda Everingham is a Thai model and actor. He primarily works in Thai films and is most popularly known for his role in the 2004 released horror film, ‘Shutter’. Ananda’s parents’ story was roughly made into a television movie, ‘Love Is Forever’ and was released in 1983. Ananda made his debut in 1998, through ‘Anda Kub Fahsai’, at the age of 16.


3. Willy McIntosh

Thai and Scottish descent

Willy McIntosh is a Thai actor. He is also known to have produced Thai TV shows and films such as ‘Saranae Show’, ‘Saranae Hen Phi’ and ‘Saranae Siblor.’ Willy’s sister is Kathaleeya McIntosh, a well-known Thai actress. Back in 2006, the actor married the fashion model, Geraldine Rincondell. Since then, his wife and he has been blessed with one son.


4. Sunny Suwanmethanont

French and Singaporean descent

Sunny Suwanmethanont is a Thai actor signed under Nadao Bangkok Agency. At the beginning of Sunny’s career, he mainly took part in various advertisements. Sunny caught a big break in the year 2005 when he made his debut in acting in the film ‘Dear Dakanda’. Sunny won the Best Actor award at the Kom Chad Luek Awards for his outstanding debut role.


5. Ann Thongprasom

Swedish and Thai descent

Ann Thongprasom is a Thai model, producer and actress. Ann is famous for having played the lead role in multiple Thai series in the 2000s. Her most significant and most successful role yet was the 2004 melodrama ‘The Letter: Jod Mai Rak’, which earned over 50 million Baht. Ann had started her career at the age of 13, starring in a music video. Since then, she has been a part of many television series and films, making her a popular face in Thai media.


6. Joni Anwar

Indonesian and Scottish descent

Joni Anwar, or Joni Raptor, is a Thai singer-actor. Joni started his musical career in 1994 with the pop-dance duo Raptor, along with Louis Scott. The duo Joni and Louis, released their first self-titled album ‘Raptor’ in 1994 at the age of 12 and 13, respectively. At that time, they were the youngest singers in Thailand. The duo disbanded in 1998, and soon after that, Joni began his solo career and released three albums ‘Outtaspace’, ‘Bad Boy’, and ‘Freeman’.


7. Roy Khan

Norwegian and Thai descent

Roy Saetre Khantatat, or simply Roy Khan, is a Norwegian singer. He is most popularly known as the lead vocalist for 'Kamelot', a metal band. Roy was a part of the band from 1997 till his departure from the band in 2011. During his time in 'Kamelot', Roy Khan had co-written most of the band’s songs with Thomas Youngblood, the band’s guitarist, and founder.


8. Violette Wautier

Belgian and Thai descent

Violette Wautier is a Thai actress and singer. She ventured into the Thai entertainment industry with the audition on the second season of ‘The Voice Thailand’. Violette was only 20 when she started making a name for herself. She went from being a sensational name in Thailand to becoming famous in other countries too through her work as both a singer and an actress. Her most notable successes are the 2016 Suphannahong Award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ and her first English album, titled ‘Glitter and Smoke’,  released in 2020.


9. Jannine Weigel

German and Thai descent

Jannine Parawie Weigel, commonly known in Thailand as Ploychompoo, is a Thai singer, influencer, actress, songwriter, gamer, YouTuber, and model. Jannine started working as a model in 2010 and turned her focus towards singing in 2011. She received three months of professional training before entering ‘Singing Kids’, a national singing contest for children. She had won third place on the show, and soon after that, she was signed under the GMM Grammy agency in 2012. Jannine released her first-ever single, ‘Chak Din Chak Ngo’ in 2015. In the same year, she had the opportunity to star as the main lead in ‘Banlang Mek’ a Thai television series, and ‘Senior’, a Thai film.


10. Myra Molloy

American and Thai descent

Maneepat Myra Molloy, who also goes by Myra Molloy, is a singer, actress, and songwriter based in Thailand. She became widely known after she won the first season of ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ at the age of 13. Molly presented a combination of cross-over classical and broadway songs on the show and greatly impressed the viewers. She is popularly known for having played Quinn’s character in the 2021 film ‘He’s All That’.