People generally believe that every person has roughly seven doppelgangers – people who aren’t biologically related but have an uncanny facial resemblance. With nearly 8 billion people inhabiting the earth, how lucky does one have to cross paths with their look – alikes? Well, these Chinese celebrities are more than fortunate, for they have their […]

Sep 2021

Due to the pandemic lock down worldwide, many people have leaned towards social media and YouTube. But  amidst all the rush, Chinese dramas have emerged to be the most favored among the viewers. There are plenty of exciting dramas from China, along with a sexy line of hot and rising actors to bless our screens. […]

The entertainment industry looks glittery from the outside as it is full of fame, glamour, money, stardom and many more such things. But we all have heard an old saying, ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Because the people who are part of this industry or work know that it is way darker than it […]

Have you ever wished to have supernatural powers and talents? For example, having the power to go invisible or the power to create loops between different dimensions? We bet you must have! It feels so exciting as well as adventurous. Our desires to reflect supernatural powers manipulates things and the environment around us. Doesn’t it? […]

China is known worldwide for its martial arts; many amazing martial artists of the world came from this country. But now even the entertainment industry of China is getting pace and its dramas are also getting recognition from all around the world. Actors of these shows are gaining popularity for a lot of reasons like […]

Chinese actresses are known for their attractive aura, their flawless skin, fashion sense, and perfect lifestyle. Their way of living is admired and appreciated by many people. A popular social media account, Star Power List, recently updated the top 10 Chinese actresses list. The data for this was collected from Chinese platforms such as Baidu, […]

Chinese people, particularly women, are admired for their beauty and youthful appearance. It is virtually impossible to ascertain a woman’s age just by her looks as most of them appear as if they’re in their twenties. It’s no secret that East Asia is seriously popular regarding skincare. China is a place where you can find […]

In China, Korean television series has become quite popular. As the popularity of Korean dramas grows in China, it opens up new chances for performers and promoters. In addition, Korean actors and actresses who participate in popular dramas get many sponsorship offers in China. 10. Yoona Yoona is a member of the K-pop girl group […]

Chinese drama, also known by the popular name of C-Drama, is slowly becoming the number one reason to make our hearts throb! A fantastic script, accompanied by gorgeous actors, is making the entire entertainment sector roar in excitement. Not only do these actors and actresses look like Gods and Goddesses, but they are also filled […]

In the 21st century, social media has become an important part of everyone’s life and daily activity. Social media is used to access news and information, for communication and entertainment purposes, etc. While sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, YouTube are some of the most popular social media sites worldwide, they are banned in China. […]