Article: Top Ten Korean Celebrities That You Should Follow On Instagram In 2022

In recent times, we spend a lot of time on social media platforms. The usage of Instagram has been increasing more than anything, and people not only use this social media platform leisurely but also for various content creation too. It is surely not possible to get to know about our favorite celebrities' personal life but thanks to these social media platforms, if the celebrity wants to show a peek of their personal lives, then nothing could be more of a treat for us. We have listed about ten Korean celebrities who are quite popular on Instagram for sharing peek of their lives and they have a reputation of maintaining their Instagram feed goal worthy. You should follow these ten South Korean celebrities in 2022.

1. Jennie

With approximately 60.8 million followers, Jennie is one of the most followed South Korean celebrities on Instagram. Jennie is known to be a style diva and her Instagram feeds truly match up to this tag. Aside from giving ootd goals to her fans, Jennie shows her cute and goody side to her fans through Instagram regularly. She is a South Korean celebrity you should follow in 2022.


2. Lee Min Ho

Considering his popularity it is no wonder that Lee Min Ho has 27.5 million followers on Instagram. You definitely would want to follow him this instant, as the actor updates his Instagram and shows his private life in the gram!


3. Kim Soo-Hyun

The South Korean heartthrob sure knows to make a fan's heart flutter as he randomly uploads some cute selfies that shoot right through the fan's heart. Kim Soo-Hyun must be on your following list to get regular cuteness updates of the star.


4. V

Kim Tae-Hyung who is popularly known as V is a new Instagram user on this list, If you didn't already know this!. V got around approx 31 million followers on Instagram just in a month! Army sure loves their idols as all the BTS members have a large number of Instagram followers. You should follow him this instant if you wouldn't want to miss V's updates.


5. Lisa

Can't miss Lisa on this list. Though we are sure you are already following this Blackpink member, in case if not then in 2022 you should hit the follow button this instant. Lisa never fails to amaze her fans with her jaw-dropping poses in the gram which is goal-worthy!


6. Son Ye-Jin

This beautiful South Korean actress should be on your following list in 2022. Son Ye-jin is known for her ethereal beauty and she sure does match that tag in her Instagram updates too.


7. Park Min-Young

This stylish South Korean actress is known for her great dramas, and on Instagram too she shares some insta worthy posts which would give you ideas for your next Instagram post.


8. Park Seo-Joon

Any Korean film or drama lover would hardly not recognize Park Seo-Joon. Known for some of the greatest hits of drama land and films. This Korean star regularly updates his feed with some cute and quirky posts.


9. Cha Eun-Woo

Cha Eun-woo is often called the perfect visual appearance in the South Korean entertainment industry, because of his perfect physical proportions. He is famous in real life and virtual life too, that actor-idol has around 26 million followers on Instagram, you need to join the follower's list in 2022 to witness the visual king share his day-to-day life updates.


10. Chanyeol

Concluding this list with another visual king of this list, Chanyeol. Chanyeol is not only a perfect visual but also a perfect musician and rapper. The talented South Korean artist needs to be on your following list in 2022.