Article: Top Ten K-Pop Groups With The Best Rap Duos / Trios

Although K-Pop groups excel at stage presence and performances, their steady vocals and rap skills are  what set them apart. From the trainee days, the idols practice hard to make themselves better rappers and vocals. Rappers are the idols that put the cherry on top and bring  zeal to the song. Rappers  are also the best at producing and composing. Here are ten K-Pop groups with the best rappers:

1. Bigbang – G Dragon &T.O.P.

BIGBANG owns the word “king” in K-Pop.G Dragon and TOP, the two main rappers in the groups, are among the greatest in the K-Pop industry. They are both very talented rappers, producers, and composers, along with being great fashion influencers.The two paved the way for the two-toned rap style, and their various rap genres blend well together. Some of their best works are TOP’s “DOOMDADA,” G-Dragon’s “She’s gone,” BIGBANG’s “BANG BANGBANG,” and “Zutter.”



The legends of K-Pop, BTS,  have one of the most fantastic rappers in the K-Pop industry. The three founding members, had fantastic flow and range of abilities since their debut era. RM and SUGA were underground rappers. Even though the three have highly varied rapping styles and flows, their combination sounds fantastic.They are one of the best writers and have meaningful rap lyrics. Their best works are” Cypher 4,” “Cypher 3,” “Cypher 2,” “Ddaeng,” “UGH,” “Outro: TEAR,” “Agust-D,” “Look here,” and many more.


3. Block B - Zico, P.O.& Kung

Block B dominated the industry with their great raps for a long time. They have brilliant rapper Zico as their main rapper and KUNG and P.O. as the lead rapper. The trios create their music and have distinct writing styles. “NILLILI MAMBO,” “Very Good,” and “Shall We Dance” have some of their best works.


4. Stray Kids - Han, Bangchan, &Changbin

Stray Kids have one of the most diverse rap lines in the industry. Han, Bangchan, and Changbin are the main rappers and are known as 3RACHA. 3RACHA was their project as a trainee under JYP Entertainment and they have released many songs under it that name. They produce and compose songs for Stray Kids. Some of their best works include “Hellevator,” “District 9,” “ZONE,” “Runner’s high,” and “double knot.”


5. Monsta X – I.M. & Joohoney

I.M. and Jooheon are top-tier rappers in the whole K-Pop industry. The two have very different rap styles and voices that compliment each other. They are known for their excellent composition skills, hard-hitting lyrics, hyping stage presence, and dynamic as a rap duo on and off stage. “Hour,” “Beautiful,” “Shine Forever,” “Shoot Out,” and “Love Killa.”


6. Seventeen – S.Coups, Vernon, Wonwoo& Mingyu

Seventeen is divided into three parts, and one of them is their very talented Hip-Hop team. The Hip-Hop team consists of their rap line Vernon, Mingyu, Wonwoo, and their leader, S.Coups. They have a very distinct style when separated from their groups and their sub-unit songs are groovy and catchy. Their vocals are as impressive as their raps. “Lotto,” “Mansae Hip Hop version,” “Getting closer,” and “Back it up” are some of the songs that showcase their skills.


7. Blackpink – Jennie & Lisa

Blackpink has the most iconic female rap duo. Jennie and Lisa are both incredible rappers with great flow, amazing skills,, and excellent stage presence. Lisa is the main dancer and her style of rap and dance matches well with each other. Jennie  has a girl crush vibe that everyone loves, along with her great rap and vocal skills. “Forever Young,” “DduDduDduDdu,” “As if it’s your last,” and “Shut Down” are some of their best raps.


8. Ateez- Hongjoong & Mingi

Hongjoong and Mingi are both the most talented rappers in the 4th generation. HongJoong is the leader of the group Ateez. He writes and composes many of their music; he is genuinely a multi-talented artist. Mingi has excellent skills and flow. The two have great on-stage synergy and compliment each other’s raps well. Some of the songs that truly showcases their talents are “treasure,” “Say my name,” “Hala hala,” and “Dancing like butterfly wings.”


9. Twice – Chaeyoung & Dahyun

Twice is a nine membered group that has two rappers, Chaeyoung and Dahyun. Both of them are very talented and have great rap skills, as well as impressive vocal range. Chaeyoung is behind many of Twice’s hit songs as a lyricist and composer. Dahyun and Chaeyoung are both sassy and charming on stage, which makes their raps more lovable. “Girls like us,” “Breakthrough,” “Fake & True,”“What is love?” and “Likey “raps are truly iconic.


10. ikon – B.I. & Bobby

IKON is truly iconic with its raps. Their rap lines consist of the main rapper BOBBY and former member, leader, and lead rapper B.I.  The two are known for having a groovy style of rap that goes well with their meaningful lyrics.  B.I. have great lyricism and writes emotional and realistic lyrics. “Rhythm Ta,” “#WYD,” “Full House,” “Hit me,” “Killing me,” and “Love Scenario” are some songs that show off their talents.