Article: Top Ten Best Korean Male Dancers

Dance has been spreading worldwide because of K-pop’s popularity. Korean industry has given us some fabulous dancers who are inspiring all the youths. It is noted that dancing is the major reason why K-pop is so famous in the world. Dancing is considered the most effective way to express our emotions. So dancing skills are more preferred by agencies rather than singing to appoint K-pop idols. This kind of dancing skill has not been acquired by them so easily; they have gone through almost ten years of rigorous training. So let’s see the list of some amazing Korean dancers.

1. J-Hope

The list of best male Korean dancers has to starts with J-hope. He is one of the most versatile and skilled dancers. Initially, he was known for hip-hop dancing, but now he amazes us with his every style of dancing. He can learn every choreography very quickly and also plays a very important role in choreography as the main dancer of the group.


2. Jimin

Jimin has got his training in modern dance and ballet. He was also a top student in the modern dance department of Busan High School of arts. His biggest resource is his flexibility in dancing which helped him attain skills of ballet dance. He has solid command of his moves which shows his perfection.


3. Rocky

The list of the best dancers is incomplete without Astro's Rocky. Rocky also does most of the choreography for the group and is known for his transition ability. He is also considered the most creative dancer in the group. Whenever he dances, he gives his best performance every time.


4. Kai

Kai is one of the lead dancers of the K-pop group Exo. He dominates the stage with his power pack performance. He is always on the list of the best dancers. Kai also performed a solo dance in Olympics’ closing ceremony, did a traditional dance with a modern twist. Kai used to do ballet dancing, so he has more strength in ballet than in hip hop.


5. Taemin

When we talk about the best dancer it must have Taemin in the list. Taemin is one of the greatest dancers and has got amazing moves. He is one of the first K-pop idols to be recognized as the best dancer. He has been in this industry for over a decade and amazed us with his dance. His flexibility and perfection in a dance set him different from other dancers.


6. Taeyang

Taeyang has a variety of styles and moves in his dancing. He has some hip-hop style in his dancing and adopts every choreography and makes his style. Fans consider his “Wedding Dress” as his golden era of dance. After his Wedding Dress debut, he continuously amazed his fans through his phenomenal dancing.


7. Eunhyuk

He is also one of the most famous and appreciated dancers of his era. He is well known for his high professionalism and knows perfectly how to execute his performance. We can always see his seriousness towards his dancing and performance in front of the audience. He belongs to the Super Junior group which is famous for its variety of show skills.


8. Hoshi

Hoshi collects all the attention of his fans through his dancing and power pack performance. He has been Stan by his fans after seeing his performance in Don’t Wanna Cry. His every dance move becomes his signature step and presents in his style. He considers Taemin of Shinees as his role model in dancing.


9. Hoya

When it comes to best dancing how can we forget to include Hoya. When he dances, he gets all the limelight of the audience with his powerful performance. He has a great stage presence and is always adored by his fans for his freestyle dancing. Hoya went on to win runners-up but emerged as a champion in the next two.


10. U-Know Yunho

Yunhoalso compared with Shinees's Minho for his passion for dancing. He is also known for his powerful dancing that once he accidentally ripped his pants in performance and his crimson-coloured boxer was visible to all. With this, he is also the only Asian artist who was invited to Michael Jackson’s tribute concert.