Article: Top 10 Royal Korean Celebrities

Because of their breath-taking visuals and incredible talents, K-drama and K-pop may have the Hallyu queens and kings; many of these celebrities were direct or indirect descendants of Korean royal families. They usually come to mind when we think about monarchy. According to reports, some of South Korea's most well-known Korean celebrities are distant cousins of royalty and prominent families. Unsurprisingly, you can tell the royal clan of Korean superstars just by the way they appear. These celebrities come from noble families and are gifted individuals.

So, let's look at the top 10 Korean celebrities with royal connections.

1. BTS’s Jin

 As well as being a well-known novelist and royal scholar, BTS's Jin has ties with them. The K-pop star descended from the Gwangsan Kim Clan, an admiringly influential clan during the Joseon period (1312–1910). This dynasty governed throughout a crucial period in Korea's history and established the standards and customs for 500 years. Jin is also distantly connected to Kim Manjung, the renowned author of the classic work of Korean literature, The Cloud Dream of the Nine, and Kim Jang-saeng, a well-known Neo-Confucian scholar.

We thus have a prince from a wealthy clan.


2. Lee Seung Gi

The Mouse star is said to be a nobleman and a descendant of the Joseon dynasty Kings. Prince Yang Yeong, the elder sibling of King Sejong and the firstborn child of Joseon Dynasty King Taejong and his spouse Queen Wongyeong, is said to be descended from Lee Seung Gi.

He also portrayed a Prince in the Korean drama The King 2 Hearts. The throne belongs to a prince with knowledge of literature and calligraphy.

The members of Lee Seung Gi's clan are royal family members in addition to his numerous accolades and well-known K-dramas.


3. SNSD’s Sunny

 She is from the Jeonju Lee Clan royal family, which includes King Taejo of Joseon, who established the Joseon Dynasty. There are high-ranking administrators and members of the royal family in this clan. As a direct ancestor of the Grand Prince Hyoryeong, Sunny of SNSD belongs to this bloodline.

She is Korean- American, and her uncle is SM Entertainment's founder.


4. BTS’s Suga

 Given that he is a direct descendant of Taejong of Joseon's bride Queen Wongyeong of the Yeoheung Min clan, Suga lives up to the appellation.

Suga revealed during a V Live show that he is a member of the royal family and his family has a prominent position in the Yeoheung Min Clan. In Korea, the surname Min denotes a lesser rank in the Min family hierarchy and is not very popular. At least four of Suga's grandparents came from dynasties that governed Korea, including the empresses and queens of that time.


5. Ateez’s Hongjoong

The prince of the renowned Gwangsun Kim Clan is Hongjoong from ATEEZ. He is a descendant of Kim Heung Gwang, the prince of King Sin Mu of Silla. The list of his scholars was elongated, even though he was never a king. On a Mnet reality TV program, he solved this secret. Because of his extraordinary leadership abilities, we are sure that Hongjoong's kingdom would have been a lively place if he had been a ruler or king.


6. Choi Si Won

 The singer-actor came from a kingly family rather than merely an affluent clan. Known as the Choi Siwon, he is a descendent of Joseon Dynasty monarch King Cheoljong, the 25th ruler.

The father of the Super Junior member is a descendant of Majesty Cheoljong, while his mother is a member of King Hyojong's family, the 15th Joseon Dynasty king. He is wealthy and lordly since he has bloodlines of true nobility.


7. BTS’s V

 The fact that V, a member of BTS, is descended from the Gwangsan Kim Clan explains his dashing good looks. The Yangban family was home to several prominent clans, one of which was the Gwangsan Kim clan. Queen Ingyeong of Kim Sukjong, the third prince Hueng Gwang of the Silla dynasty, and other members of the Gwangsan Kim Clan compose the Gwangsan Kim Clan.

We can see why they are named princes since they are princes. King Sinmu of Silla, the Korean kingdom's 45th emperor, was a direct ancestor of him.


8. Lee Da In And Lee Yu-Bi

From the Hwanggan Kyeon clan, Lee Da In and her sister Lee Yoo Bi live a lifestyle that undoubtedly seems regal.

In addition to having famous parents such as actors Kyeon Mi Ri and Im Young Gyu and an affluent businessman as their stepfather, the siblings also have royal ancestry that dates back to their mother's antecedents. Their mother is a member of the lineage of Kyeon Hwon, the founding family of the Hubaekje Kingdom. From 892 until 935, he was king of the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea. Because they are not royalty, the family is not wealthy, but because their mother is a well-known actress.


9. TXT’s Beomgyu

 Beomgyu, a TXT member, possesses true regal blood and the appearance of a fictional prince. He is a member of the Gyeongju Choi Clan and does live a princely life, carrying on his ancestor's royal tradition. Social workers who helped individuals in need and were well-liked by the populace were also among his predecessors. For 300 years, they enjoyed admiration and fortune.

The fact that he hails from a royal family and that his father was a well-known racing car driver in Korea only increases the prosperity of his family.


10. Mamamoo’s Solar

 This list of Royal Korean celebrities will end with the determined leader of Mamamoo Solar! Known also as Kim Young Sun, Solar belongs to the Gwangsan Kim Clan. As the third prince of King Sinmu of Silla and the 45th ruler of the Silla dynasty, this clan was a lineal descendant of Kim Heung Gwang.