Article: Top 10 Romantic Japanese Movies Of All Time

Japanese industry has offered so many things to us like horror-comedy, dramas, action films, and romance to thriller films. The Japanese industry is now recognized for more than Samurai films and anime. Some Japanese romantic movies have distinctively offered romance. Thus, romance transcends language and emotions very effectively. With the help of the subtitles, we can easily get connected to the movie and can feel the romance.

So, let’s have look at the most romantic movies in Japan.

1. Orange

Orange presents a teen romance storyline of a 16-year-old high school student named NahoTakamiya. One day on her way to school she received a letter which was from Naho herself. By reading the letters now predicted that something bad will happen to Kakeru who was her classmate. So, she started doing the opposite of the letter to avert the events written in the letter.


2. I Give My First Love To You

I Give My First Love to You is full of beautiful Romance that depicts the story of two lovers, who are brought together by heart disease. The protagonists of this movie are Mayu and Takuma. Takuma has a heart problem, and Mayu finds it to be his cardiologist’s daughter. So, Takuma's daily check-ups, leading to the two becoming a friend and their feelings started to develop for each other. But due to Takuma's heart problem, he probably won’t live past 20. So, this is a very heart warming and emotional story of the two.


3. The Liar And His Lover

This is a beautiful and musical love story that revolves around a successful musician named Aki Ogasawara. He uses music as a liniment for depression. So, in this musical journey, he meets Riko Koeda, a high school student with a beautiful voice. Aki gets attached to Riko but hides his identity as a musician. This movie beautifully depicts their love story and romance can be felt all through the scenes.


4. Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper of the Heart tells the heart-warming story of young love. The name of the fictional characters is Shizuku and Seiji. With the most beautiful coincidence, they met after realizing that they are checking out same library books. In between this beautiful coincidence, their bond gets developed. This movie is all about following your feelings for someone and letting beautiful things happen.


5. My Tomorrow Your Yesterday

This is a very heart-warming romantic drama that gives a unique twisting concept. It follows the story of Takatoshi and Emi, who are deeply in love with each other. Takatoshi usually cries when he does something nice in a day. Emi tells Takatoshi that they can never spend time together at midnight. This is a very confusing kind of love story that portrays love is never easy one has to build trust and faith in their partner to be together.


6. Say “I Love You”

This movie is beautifully showing a high school love story, full of drama, romance but with many ups and downs. In this movie, a high school girl gets bullied. So that’s why she hates everyone in the school but fell in love with Haruna. Soon the hatred and loneliness turned into friendship and love for each other.


7. Sky Of Love

Sky of Love is a very heartwarming love story of Mika Tahara and Hero Sakurai. Mika is a high school student who encounters Hiro, who is a senior. Mika starts getting messages from unknown people. But gradually they started knowing each other and arranged a date to meet. The guy was found to be none other than Hiro himself. He was wishing her happy birthday with the baby breath flowers.


8. Close Range Love

This is the story of High School student who falls in love with her new good looking English teacher. This movie is beautifully showcasing that student and teacher love is not taboo anymore, it is a feeling towards anyone who doesn’t know any boundary. So, it is a very interesting movie to watch if somebody is interested to watch unusual love stories.


9. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss has all the elements which can make a movie very popular. It has romance, love triangles, handsome boys to fashion from up to bottom. Yukari Hayasakais a high school student, who is tired of her constant schooling, encounters with a group of fashion design students. After that she becomes their role model and discovers her talent of modelling.


10. Blue Spring Ride

This is the story of Futaba Yoshioka who used to like Kou Tanaka. Kou was a very gentle guy. But Kou moved away and they lost contact with each other. One day Kou meets Futaba, at her last day of first year of high school. In high school she meets a guy who was the same as Kou. So, she wants to know that is he the same guy or not? And moreover, if he is then why he left her without letting her know.