Article: Top 10 Relay Dances Of 2022

Relay dances are one of the most entertaining parts of promotion. Idols and their backup dancers participate in these dances hosted by the channel MNET. Members of K-Pop groups are required to stand in a line where each member gets their turn to lip-sync and dance to a part of their song. The first person begins the dance, and upon completion of their part, they go to the end of the line, and the second person performs, so the line keeps moving. They often improvise and get up to shenanigans, which delight the fans. Many major groups participated in relay dances this year as a part of their song or album promotion. We rank the best of them below:

10. JikJin, Treasure

Treasure’s visual and charisma was on point during the relay dance of their song “JikJin.” The twelve-member group has captivated viewers with its smooth yet powerful dance moves. Each member brought out their individuality in their turn. Their synchronous dance is incredibly satisfying to watch.

9. Fearless, Le Sserafim

“Fearless” is the title track of Le Sserafim’s debut album of the same name. They were the epitome of professionalism when they performed the relay dance. Fans applauded their visuals and unique charms and remarked that they have great potential. This is one group to watch out for.

8. O.O, Nmixx

Nmixx is a new girl group that recently debuted under JYP Entertainment. They immediately won fans’ hearts with their lovely charm. Their energetic relay dance racked up over 5.4 million views on YouTube. Fans have praised their top-notch dance skills, as expected of JYPE idols. Each girl got their spotlight and delivered incredible performances.

7. That That, Psy Feat. Suga

K-Pop discourse is always divisive, but there is one thing K-Pop fans will agree on- PSY. For “That That,” PSY collaborated with BTS’s Suga. The song received a lot of love, and PSY performed a relay dance to it. PSY channeled his trademark swag as he moved to the song’s beats. His cowboy hat-wearing backup dancers propped him up well with their fantastic choreography.

6. Good Boy Gone Bad, TXT

TXT’s edgy “Good Boy Gone Bad” is the lead song from their fourth mini-album, “minisode 2:Thursday’s Child.” The five members rocked the bad boy concept in the song’s relay dance. They stuck to the choreography while having a lot of fun with it. Fans praised their stage presence and their show-stopping dance moves.

5. Maniac, Stray Kids

Stray Kids let out their inner “freak” for their lead single, “Maniac.” The members were perfectly synced with each other as they performed their incredible choreography. The members occasionally broke away from the choreography and freestyled. They added individuality to the performance while remaining professional. Their costume and dark aesthetic added to the song’s mystique.

4. Na Na Na, Got 7

Chaos reigns every time Got7 members link up. This is Got7’s first comeback after parting with their old label, JYP Entertainment. Ahgases had eagerly awaited their return, and their patience was rewarded with an album, fan convention, and relay dance performance of their lead song, “Na Na Na.” The fans noted that despite their maturity, they had retained their fun persona. From BamBam rolling around the floor, Jackson forgetting his part, and members hyping each other up, this is one of the most entertaining relay dances of the year so far.

3. Love Dive, IVE

After their successful debut with “Eleven,” IVE came back with “Love Dive,” an electropop song with an addictive chorus. The group showed off their flawless choreography at the song’s relay dance. DIVEs remarked on the member’s elegance and charm. The video on M2’s YouTube channel has garnered 7.6 million views.

2. Tomboy, (G)I-dle

For their latest comeback, (G)I-dle performed a relay dance for their lead single, “Tomboy.” The members exuded sass and charisma as they danced to their chart-topping hit. Knetz applauded their breathtaking visual and dance skills. Despite Soojin leaving the group, (G)I-dle is determined to move forward.

1. ZOOM, Jessi

No one does it like Jessi! The soloist has been breaking records and beauty standards left and right. Her latest song, “ZOOM,” has taken social media by storm. For the relay dance, Jessi partnered with her four amazing backup dancers. The five ladies oozed confidence and boldness. They struck some hilarious poses as well, showcasing their fun side. With 8.3 million views on M2’s channel on YouTube, this is the most viewed relay dance of the year so far.