Article: Top 10 Korean Songs With The Most Complex Dance Techniques

Korean entertainment is spreading like wildfire now, and the recognition it is getting across the globe is completely well deserved. The pop music industry in different countries doesn't focus on full-fledged dancing, and only on singing, but in South Korea, the k-pop idol is trained rigorously in both singing and dancing. This training period of k-pop idols makes them the perfect k-pop idol, who can pull off not only complex singing but also dancing. The Korean music industry has some of the most talented dancers who can slay complex choreography. In this list, we have written about ten such Korean songs which have some of the most complex choreography and dance techniques.

1. 7th Sense

7th Sense is a song by the Korean group, NCT U which is the subunit of the group, NCT. Many k-pop fans would agree that 7th Sense has one of the most complex choreographies of k-pop. The members of NCT U make it seem easy to perform but surely you might break a bone or two while learning this complex dance choreography.


2. Lucifer

Lucifer is one of the first k-pop songs to feature a hard full-fledged dance choreography. This song is by the k-pop group, SHINee. Lucifer is one of the most popular k-pop choreography in South Korea and became an iconic K-pop song.


3. Naughty

Naughty is a song by Irene & Seulgi, which is the subunit of the group, Red Velvet. This song has one of the most complex and difficult dance techniques. Tutting is the main dance technique used in the choreography of Naughty. Both Irene and Seulgi are known to be great dancers and the choreography bought the best out of them.


4. First Love

First Love is a song by the k-pop group, After School that was released in 2013. The choreography includes pole dancing. Pole dancing is not at all an easy dance technique, and the members of After School did learn pole dancing for a single song which is quite commendable.


5. Don't Wanna Cry

Don't Wanna Cry is a song by the k-pop group, Seventeen. Though Seventeen is famous for great choreographies, Don't Wanna Cry includes some of the most complex dance techniques mainly popping. Hoshi who is also a member of Seventeen participated in forming the choreography of this song.


6. Crown

Crown is a song by the Korean boy group, TXT, and was released in 2019. This song has quite a complex choreography which requires great energy to be performed. This song is the debut song of the group TXT.


7. Move

Move is a song by the k-pop singer Taemin who is also the member and main dancer of SHINee. Move is considered one of the most popular K-pop choreographies of all time. Upon the song's release, the song and choreography had a huge influence on the Korean music industry. Though the choreography looks very easy to follow, the body control which is required for performing this choreography makes it quite a complex choreography.


8. Blood Sweat & Tears

This is sung by BTS. This song is one of the initial BTS songs which grabbed the public's attention. Blood Sweat & Tears is famous for its insanely complex choreography which was brought to life by the BTS members.


9. Criminal

Yet another song by Taemin, it is a known fact among k-pop lovers that Taemin is one of the best dancers of K-pop. Criminal was released in 2020 and has one of the toughest and most complex choreographies which is very difficult to cover.


10. Black On Black

Black on Black is a song by the k-pop group, NCT. It has one of the most complex dance techniques and can easily be termed as one of the hardest choreographies. This choreography requires great teamwork as done by the members of NCT, the fact that 18 members of NCT took part in this song, makes the choreography even more complex.