Article: Top 10 Korean Films With The Biggest Plot Twists

A startling twist ending is a fantastic way to conclude a movie on a high note, but excellent shocks aren't limited to movie endings. The most satisfying story turns take us by surprise, contextualising everything we just witnessed and encouraging subsequent viewings. Plot twists must still be logical and reasonable even if they are by definition abrupt, unexpected, and sometimes surprising changes of course. A plot twist that is absurd or illogical, no matter how unpredictable it may be, is ineffective. The top 10 Korean films with the biggest storyline twist are listed below.

1. Sweet & Sour (2021)

Like any other LDR couple, Jang Hyuk and Da Eun (Jang Ki Yong and Chae Soo Bin) struggle to maintain their romance. They spend less time together, and arguments occasionally arise. Their romantic love story quickly went sour, and one of them started dating a coworker. Pretty corny, no? Wrong! The dramatic twist in Sweet & Sour's ending will leave you repeating the events and looking off into space.


2. Oldboy

A man who had been imprisoned for years without apparent cause gets freed after receiving a cell phone, cash, and designer clothing. A worse destiny awaits him if he doesn't discover who his kidnapper is.


3. Hello Ghost 

Sang-man (Cha Tae-hyun) makes an unsuccessful attempt at suicide by taking too many pills. Then he plunges into a river from a bridge, but is saved. Sang-man, who was brought to the hospital, awakens and saw a man smoking next to him. He tells the other patients at the hospital, but no one takes him seriously. In the course of his hospital stay, he eventually encounters four spirits. Sang-man meets nurse Jung Yun-soo (Kang Ye-won) at the hospital and develops feelings for her, but he chooses not to pursue them.


4. The Wailing 

A mystery sickness breaks out at Gokseong, a small town in the mountains of South Korea, after a Japanese man comes, leading the villagers to become insane and brutally murder their families. Officers Oh Seong-bok and Jong-goo are talking about the Japanese stranger one night at the police station when a naked woman approaches in the rain. They subsequently learn that the afflicted woman, who had been raped by the Japanese stranger and had been seen multiple times in public naked, had killed her family.


5. A Tale Of Two Sisters 

Two sisters discover upon their return from a mental health facility that in addition to dealing with their stepmother, they also need to figure out how to deal with their late mother's spirit who starts to torment them.


6. No Mercy 

In order to spend more time with his daughter, who has recently come home after a lengthy overseas assignment, renowned forensic doctor Kang Min-ho is preparing to retire. But when Oh Eun-mutilated ah's body is discovered at a nearby river, Kang decides to take on one final task. He conducts a gory autopsy on her.


7. Joint Security Area 

Before Sergeant Lee Soo-hyeok (Lee Byung-hun), a wounded South Korean soldier on border duty, makes an effort to escape back to the South Korean side, two North Korean troops are killed in the DMZ at the Joint Security Area in a North Korean border house just across the Bridge of No Return. Two days later, the tenuous relationship between the two Koreas rests on a special investigation led by Swiss Army Major Sophie E. The southern troops rescue him amid gunfire.


8. Montage 

15 years ago, a kidnapper vanished without a trace. Someone is discovered anonymously laying a flower at the crime scene five days before the case's statute of limitations ends. A few days later, the same technique is used on the same target in another kidnapping. As in their prior case, the police work together to crack the case before it's too late. Kim Sang-kyung, a detective, is consulted, and he confirms that the MO is similar.


9. The Handmaiden 

A con artist posing as "Count Fujiwara" in Japanese-occupied Korea intends to lure Lady Hideko, a Japanese heiress, marry her, and take her to an asylum in order to steal her inheritance. He employs Sook-hee, a thief, to serve as Hideko's maid and persuade her to marry him. Hideko resides with her Uncle Kouzuki, a Korean who cooperated with the Japanese in order to obtain a gold mine. Kouzuki then sells forgeries to fund his fascination with rare books, accumulating more money and books.


10. Salut D'Amour 

Sung-chil is a cranky 70-year-old guy who lives alone and works occasional shifts at the neighbourhood grocery store. Sung-chil is the final holdout and the only cause of the project's delay, so Jang-soo, the supermarket's owner and president, has been attempting in vain to acquire his signature. However, Sung-chil obstinately resists any change to his way of life. Then he meets Geum-nim, the flower store next door's fierce yet amiable owner, who will be his new neighbour. The entire village supports Sung-chil in his efforts to pursue her because, despite his youth, he lacks experience and is awkward in romantic situations. However, Min-jung, the daughter of Geum-nim, is against the union.