Article: Top 10 Korean Films With Meaningful Messages To Watch In 2022

Films are often associated with leisure and very few times to help us learn something.  The films are often treated as something that could only entertain us and have no intellectual value. However, sometimes unexpectedly, some films end up giving us valuable life lessons. Here is a list of films that offer meaningful messages.

1. Train To Busan

This film has been based on a zombie attack that happens in a KTX. The train, as the name of the film suggests, is going to Busan, and a horde of zombies attacked the train. However, this is not like a typical zombie film; it gives a significant message of how sometimes the worst comes out from within us in the worst of situations. It also shows how we can come out of crises with sympathy, sincerity and a little bit of compassion.


2. Marathon

The story is about an autistic kid with a gift for running. The film shows how courage helps in facing adversities in life. The film also gives us courage as we feel that if the kid in the film could run a marathon after coping with and going through so much, then why can't we?


3. Best Friend

There are times when we face a choice between right, and wrong, friendship, and career and this film tells such a story. The story is of a man who is an undercover spy by profession and while spying on his neighbor,  a politician, he realizes he might not be what he has been portrayed to be by the government.  Therefore he is faced with choices. He has to choose between what he feels is right and what he feels is wrong, between his friend and neighbor, and the safety of his family.


4. Miracle In Cell No.7

This film gives the most important message of humanity. A man with a mental age of six years is wrongfully charged with molestation and murder and then sent to jail. His innocence and purity move his cellmates, who smuggle his daughter into the cell so he can meet her.


5. Josée

This film makes us ready for our life that is ever changing. A physically disabled girl Josée meets an educated university student. She tries hard not to, but she slowly begins to be influenced by him. Gradually,  she lets him into her life. She learns to accept new things, and so do we, with her.


6. More Than Family

Family is the word we use to refer to those people, who are going to be there, by our side, through thick or thin, and are always going to have our back. This film shows us what a family is in its way without getting mushy or crazy.


7. A Man Who Was Superman

This film shows that you don't need superpowers to be a superhero. The hero of this film is a man who changed the world into a better place on his own by making contributions that might seem very small to an average man. He teaches us how to use our inner and outer strength to make a change.


8. Inseparable Bros

It tells the story of friendship. It is about two friends who fit each other like puzzle pieces. One friend is an intelligent man on a wheelchair and another is a guy with brawn but an intellectual disability. Their friendship,  however, is threatened when one day the brawny guy's birth mother,  who had abandoned him as a child, returns.


9. The Way Home

Often it has been said that we can't choose our family,  and that is what happens here in this film. A boy is left with his grandmother who can't speak in the countryside despite his disinterest.


10. The Himalayas

A retired mountaineer, despite his leg injury, decides to undertake a journey to The Himalayas to rescue his friend's body. This film also shows how we can beat all odds for the right cause. It is a very humbling film, also showcasing the beauty of nature and the power of friendship at the same time.