Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas With The Most Stylish Characters

Korean dramas have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. The K-drama industry has developed a significant fan base thanks to captivating storylines, well-developed characters, and enormous production quality. Their exquisite fashion sense is another thing for which they are well renowned. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Dramas with the Most Fashionable Characters.

1. Vincenzo Cassano In (Vincenzo)

Song Joongki stars in the action-packed drama, Vincenzo. Vincenzo is an Italian mafia consigliere who is intelligent and charming. He even wore the appropriate clothes according to the role. Vincenzo’s collection of expensive watches, even though it is classic, finely made suits made a significant contribution to his dashing appearance.

2. Yoon Se Ri In (Crash Landing On You) 

In contrast to the beautiful love story and a massive amount of support, the show earned recognition for its flawless styling and performance. Yoon Se Ri, the South Korean heiress who accidentally crashed in North Korea due to a paragliding accident, was not included on this list because she is the boss of a network of fashion companies. She gets seen wearing jackets and blazers and tucks in with accessories and bags, giving us a fashion goal.

3. Park Seo Joon In (What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?)

Park Seo Joon’s style could get summed up in a one-word aura. His attitude & walk all exuded a tremendous degree of confidence. The vice-chairman of Yumyeong Group, Lee Young Joon, was portrayed by Seo Joon. He made the hearts of the audience flutter and was always elegantly dressed.

4. Hong Cha-Young In (Vincenzo) 

Vincenzo, Hong Cha-young is always elegantly dressed, whether supporting the wrong people or going on a risky mission to revenge her father. The stylish power suit and dress designer with a fashionable accessories collection fit her role perfectly.

5. Kim Seon Ho In (Start-Up)

If the K-drama Start Up is still recognized, it will be for the affable and dapper Kim Seon Ho and his fine fashion choices. Han Ji Pyeong, a mentor and investor, was portrayed by Kim Seon Ho. He always wore sharp suits and immaculate coats for work, occasionally switching to adorable pink t-shirts.

6. Jang Man-Wol In (Hotel Del Luna)

Jang Man-won gets forgiven for favoring dramatic, vintage looks while working because she is a cursed manager of a hotel that only welcomes souls and ghosts. According to the report, the cost of her clothing for the show was around 10 million Korean Won. The hotel manager is serving free souls while dressed in high-end clothing.

7. Lee Min Ho In (The King Eternal Monarch)

Lee Gon rides Maximus in style while wearing a black jacket with elaborate embroidery.  We will never be able to forget his vision because it got deeply embedded in our hearts. Lee Min Ho looks stunning in everything; he could even pull off wearing any style.

8. Jung Seo-hyun In (Mine)

This drama explores the lives of two ladies who marry into wealthy families and how they deal with being outsiders in elite society. The family’s first daughter-in-law Seo-hyun is a manager of an art gallery. She wears stylish dresses and outfits from well-known brands and always has an outstanding executive style.

9. Ko Moon-Young From It Is Okay, To Not Be Okay 

The show follows Ko Moon-young, a well-known author, as she goes on a journey of self-discovery and therapy after receiving an antisocial personality disorder diagnosis. Her style has evolved with her, moving from an over-the-top cover for her aggressive personality to more modest color combinations and designs.

10. Seo Hi-Soo In (Mine)

Seo Hi-soo, a former actress, is the second daughter-in-law in the drama Mine. Hi-soo has a more casual style than the elder daughter-in-law and dresses in more colors than her friend Seo-hyun. Hi-soo wears outfits with vibrant colors. She amplifies her elegant look with essential elements, including a floral brocade pencil, an openwork turtleneck sweater, and a skirt.