Article: Top 10 Korean Characters That Everyone Loves

Characters are the most crucial element of every story. The characters must pique the audience's curiosity and inspire them to invest in the story. The plot is inseparable from our favorite characters. The world over, fans of Korean dramas are many. The remarkable roles portrayed by all of these gifted performers are perhaps what makes them so well-known. These characters are the ones that stick in our minds and that we find ourselves returning to time and time again because their storylines are so entertaining and their characters so compelling. Over many years, there have been many famous characters, but these are just a few of the more well-liked ones. We're examining people who caught our admiration and interest. Below listed are the top 10 Korean characters that everyone loves.

1. An Min Hyuk (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon)

An Min Hyuk is considered one of the sweetest and cutest male leads in K-Drama history. Unlike the other CEOs we have seen in many dramas, he is not arrogant and rude, but Hyuk is a charming, sweet, and goofy person. From his goofiness to his passionate love for Do Bong-soon, he is everyone's idol type.

2. Hong Du-sik (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)

As a character in the drama says, there's nothing Du-sik lacks. Our Du-sik is good at absolutely everything. And yes, he is a pure definition of being perfect. Not only is Du-sik hardworking, but he is also very loveable and charming. Watching a male lead enjoy life to the fullest and live it to the fullest is always soothing. Despite his baggage and hardships, it never stopped him from loving everyone around him significantly, Hye-jin. He is everything we could ever want in a husband or a boyfriend.

3. Sung Deok Sun (Reply 1988)

Sung Deok-Sun is an unusual but unique and realistic female lead. There is nothing pretty, smart, or wealthy about Deok Sun compared to other protagonists we have seen in Korean dramas. She is someone many of us can relate to about everything. She had her flaws and vulnerabilities, but Deok Sun fought hard against her self-doubts and emerged victorious. We have all learned from her how to be a good person and never give up because good things will eventually happen to us.

4. Hong Cha Young (Vincenzo)

One-of-a-kind female lead. We can sense how powerful, competitive, and charismatic aura is through the drama. She has a sharp tongue and a great sense of humor, and Cha Young is known for being strong, sassy, and confident. But this never stops her from caring for and loving the people around her. She never hesitates to take dangerous risks to protect the people she loves and cares about the most.

5. Kim Bok Joo (Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

The character Kim Bok Joo is just a regular girl who dreams of becoming a weightlifter. She has gone through a lot but never gave up. Despite everything, she never failed at displaying her true self as an awkward but cute and loveable character. Her goofiness, aggressive behavior, and endless love for others make her special. She was the filter- less character who valued inner beauty more than anything. Her character is far more different from the typical female leads we have seen in the K-Dramas.

6. Yoon Seri (Crash Landing on you)

Yoon Se-ri is known for her cutthroat nature and fearlessness. She grew up feeling somewhat isolated within her family and felt like an outcast. Although she lived in such harsh conditions, she developed fierce independence and a strong sense of resilience and built her empire. Her will to survive and beat the odds was always inspiring. As we can see in the drama, Yoon Seri is a person with a cold exterior but a warm heart. Her courage to save her love indicates how much love she holds in her heart.

7. Han Seojun (True Beauty)

Despite being a second lead, Han Seojun was the most beloved character in True Beauty. He is a cute and goofy boy with a challenging exterior. He is handsome,

loveable, caring, charming, playful, protective, and an absolute gentleman. He not only treats his mother and sister so well but also works hard for them. Even after doing everything for a person, Han Seojun loves that is Ju-Kyung, and we can still see the pain, sadness, and worry in his eyes for her. After all this, no one can stop themselves from rooting for him.

8. Lee Young Joon (What's Wrong with Secretary Kim)

There is no doubt that Young Joon is an iconic character in Korean dramas. With his handsome face and multiple talents, this charming CEO makes it difficult not to fall for his good looks. Even he is obsessed with his face. There is a misconception that Young Joon is selfish, but when we look deep, he is just a person who had to live his entire life with a traumatic childhood.

9. Moon Gang Tae (It's Okay Not To Be Okay)

Gang Tae is one of the best male leads of all time. He has everything, from good looks to intelligence. He is very handsome, which deserves special mention. Gang Tae is also incredibly caring and the most loving person ever. Throughout the drama, we see how he sacrificed everything for the happiness and well-being of his brother. Later, when he falls in love with moon young, he protects her the same way. His ability to love knows no bounds.

10. Na Hee-do (2521)

Na Hee-do is one hell of a warrior. She is a charming, energetic, honest, and free spirited high school student. But she cannot be limited to this Hee-do is much more dedicated, passionate, and hardworking. The dream she so cherished was to be the best in fencing, but she had her share of struggles and obstacles on her way that never let these restrict her. She worked hard until she reached the goal, Hee-do had set for herself. She is an inspiring character for today's generation.