Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Are Real-Life Friends

The K-wave has captured the world in its storm. Korea’s entertainment business has evolved from a regional development in Asia to a global phenomenon. K-Pop and K-Dramas have drawn attention for their exquisite fashion, style, and culture. The success of the Korean wave is also due to the development of social media and video sharing platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc. Korean artists have an international fan following, and at the same time, their fans are always curious to know what is happening in the life of their favorite idol. So, we let you peek into their personal lives through their real-life friendships.

1. Lee Min Ho And Jung II Woo

Min Ho and II Woo have been school friends. The duo is the complete opposite of each other, but an element that brings them together is their taste in food. They often get together to hang out in coffee shops. After becoming actors, they became too busy to meet, but they succeeded in maintaining their friendship by respecting the differences between them.


2. IU And Yoo In-Na

IU and Yoo In Na reside in the same apartment building, and the two have a strong friendship bond. They frequently go on trips together, like recently they’ve been to Europe. They even exchanged friendship rings for Valentine’s day, and fans even created cute nicknames for their lovely friendship. No matter how busy they are, they always take their time off to see each other. IU even made a song called ‘YOU’ for her best friend Yoo In Na.


3. Lee Jong Suk And Kim Woo Bin

The model turned actor Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin have known each other since their rookie days. They even starred together in the K-drama School 2013. Both the actors have often mentioned that they are close friends beside their profession and hang out together. Once, when both of their movies got launched simultaneously, instead of being rivals, they supported each other.


4. Song Joong Ki And Lee Kwang-Soo

Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki frequently mention each other in interviews and talk shows. Soo Joong Ki even said that when Lee Kwang Soo visited him in the military, it gave him the most energy and strength. They often hang out together.


5. Park Seo-Jun And Choi Woo Shik

Park Seo-Jun and Choi Woo-Shik have been friends now for the past eight years, and they even go on trips together. They often sent food trucks to each other’s shooting locations to show support for each of their films.


6. Kim Bo Ra, Kim Sae-Rom, And Lee Su-Hyun

Kim Bo Ra and Kim Sae Ron became best friends when they starred together in the K-drama “Glorious Temptation,” and Lee Su Hyun from AKMU joined the friend circle after being introduced via one of their familiar friends. Lee Su Hyun has posted several vlogs of the three of them, where they are visibly enjoying each other's company. They even send food trucks to each other to shower support for their fellow friends.


7. Jennie And Jung Ho Yeon

Jennie and Jung Ho Yeon met for the first time in a fashion show, Jennie’s stylist knew both of them, so they co-incidentally came across each other. Later on, Jung supported Jennie by attending a BLACKPINK concert in New York City. The two stars bonded quite well and continued hanging out in Korea. Jennie also bolstered her dearest friend by sending a food truck to the SQUID GAME’S shooting location.


8. Rose And Hyeri

The two divas first met on DoReMi Market and became friends when Hyeri asked for ROSE’s phone number. Both share a close friendship bond and bolster each other in their respective work. Hyeri even revealed when they don’t have time to meet, they face time one other instead. Hyeri does post a lot of stuff about them eating and hanging out together on her vlog channel.


9. Lee Dong Wook And Gong Yoo

The two stars are best known for their on-screen chemistry in the drama GOBLIN. The two have formed a deep friendship and have continued to support each other even after the show ended. Lee Dong Wook requested Gong Yoo to come as his first guest on his debut talk show in 2019.


10. Park Bo Gum And BTS’s V

Park Bo Gum and BTS’s V share a close friendship bond. Their sweet friendship grabs attention every time and is always adored by their fans. They frequently visit each other’s homes to hang out together. Park Bo Gum was often seen in the BTS concert to support V. His best friend V also appreciated and supported him whenever his new projects were launched. V once revealed that they met for the first time when he was a host of a music show.