Article: Top 10 Korean Best Actors As Well As Dancers

What makes k-dramas and k-movies so wonderful? Besides the fact that their storylines are works of genius and the cinematography is top-notch, there’s always something unexpected to find about the versatile actors performing in them. In this case it’s dancing. Rarely are they given an opportunity to showcase their moves, but when they are given a platform to do so, like a fan meet or a variety show, they definitely make heads turns their way. There are plenty of videos available online to show actors both sweeping the dance floor and charming the audience with their performances. So here are 10 actors who can also bust a move with their professional dancing skills.

1. Park Min Young

Not only can she give life to the characters of a secretary, a museum curator, a fangirl, a scholar or even a queen, but she is also extremely talented at conveying her emotions through her body. She has performed at her fan meet and has collaborated with South Korea’s most prominent dance studio 1MILLION, performing with other professional dancers.


2. Park Yoo Na

Starring in popular k-dramas like True Beauty and Hotel Del Luna, Yoona’s start in the entertainment industry however was in a different route. After graduating from Hanlim Multi Art School with a major in Practical Dance, she wanted to be an idol and trained to become one. But ultimately she shifted her career to acting, which worked out pretty well in her favour. She still showcases her dancing skills occasionally in variety shows if given the chance.


3. Kim Min Jae

Although better known as an actor, he is also a rapper and dancer, and even has a stage name- Before playing the lead role in k-dramas like Do You Like Brahms? or Dali and the Cocky Prince, Min Jae had been training to become an idol for 4 years. However, during his time as a trainee he was cast for the drama Persevere, Goo Hae Ra, which is when his acting career started. Dancing professionally, he has performed alongside Park Ji Hoon (former Wanna One member) and collaborated with 1MILLION.


4. Lee Jong Suk

Beloved actor Lee Jong Suk once mentioned in an interview for Entertainment Relay that prior to choosing acting as a career, he had actually been training for 3 months to become an idol, before dropping out eventually. Although it has been years since, he still hasn’t lost his moves, which can be seen in his performances (such as to Psy’s New Face) at his fan meets.


5. Seol In Ah

One of the most popular actresses in Kore right now, the drama A Business Proposal helped her establish a career in acting and marked her road to fame. Besides being able to play a multitude of roles like that of villains and models, she has also showcased her brilliant dancing skills on shows quite often. Not only does she have extremely fluid movements while dancing, but she can also b-boy!


6. Song Kang

Dubbed as the Son of Netflix for his performances in the breakthrough dramas, his love and dedication for acting has helped him acquire a new skill, dancing. Unlike most other actors on this list who wanted to start out as idols, Kang had his mind set on acting since the beginning. For his role as a struggling ballet student in the drama Navillera, he had to take ballet lessons for 6 months. Even his coach praised him for his “excellent flexibility, jumping ability and acquisition skills”!


7. Ahn Hyo Seop

Hyo Seop is currently one of the most popular actors in Korea. However, that wasn’t always his intention. Hyo Seop wanted to become an idol and almost debuted with the popular boy group GOT7, but didn’t make it till the end because he was considered to be too tall to be an idol. However during his training period as an idol he definitely picked up some moves and doesn’t shy away from showing them off to the public.


8. Kim Seul Gi

The actress from Love with Flaws ad Splash Splash Love, Seul Gi has marked herself as one of the most established actresses in South Korea. However this is not to say that acting is her only skill. Just like her acting skills, her dancing skills is also like that of a professional and are worthy of 1MILLION Dance Studio.


9. Lee Sung Kyung

Going by the stage name of Biblee, model and actress Lee Sung Kyung is also an outstanding dancer. Although she doesn’t have an idol training background, her dancing skills are top-notch and one of the best among the actors in her industry. In school she used to be the leader of her dance club, which is probably where she learnt her moves. She also loves treating her fans to idol-level dance covers.


10. Shin Hye Sun

With numerous awards to her name, Hye Sun’s acting skills are undeniable and are lauded by both audiences and critics alike. Her devotion to her craft has also allowed her to pick up dance, or more specifically ballet as a skill. For the role of a ballerina uninterested in love in the drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love, she was required to undergo intense, hardcore ballet lessons, and her efforts proved successful!