Article: Top 10 Korean Actresses Who Had Epic Makeovers

We all love watching K-dramas during our free time. Korean actors and actresses don’t need makeovers generally due to their beautiful skin and features. But in dramas when they get a makeover the role is wholesome. These makeovers show us that a tiny bit of makeup and a wardrobe change in clothing style can help boost our confidence and make us feel better in our skin. The top ten Korean actresses who had epic makeovers.

1. Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is a South Korean drama released in 2007. In this Go Eun Chan is a tomboy who gets a job in a coffee shop and the only issue is that they only require men workers. Choi Han Kyul thinks she is a man and hires her. Eun’s friend, Choi Han Sung liked her and invited her to a party. Eun gets an epic makeover and even wears a wig looking stunning.

2. True Beauty

True Beauty is based on a popular webtoon, which seems to be the talk of the town. The story is about Lim Ju Gyeong who learns makeup by herself to get rid of bullying. She moves to a new school and gets involved in a love triangle. The transformation after applying marks up is fascinating to watch.

3. Heirs

The story is about Kim Tan who comes from a wealthy family and falls in love with his housekeeper’s daughter Cha Eun Sang. They both eventually fall in love despite their differences. For the Tan family event, Tan gives her a makeover for the big night. She looks magnificent and shows that they are willing to overcome all obstacles that come their way.

4. Boys Over Flowers

In the story, Geum Jan Di gets the opportunity to study in an elite school. Gu Jun Pyo, a mean chaebol starts bullying her but ends up falling in love. He realized his mistakes and decided to give Jan Di a massive makeover. He buys her new makeup, accessories and clothes. Even though she looks extremely beautiful after the change she feels uncomfortable and decides to be her original self instead.

5. Secret Garden

Kim Ju Won is an arrogant CEO who doesn’t care about anyone else and is quite selfish. He meets Gil Ra Im, who is a stunt woman. After Ram Im rejects him, she realizes that she wants him. To get his attention she changes her look and dresses up, getting her makeup and hair done. She impresses Ju Won with her new look, but he already loves her the way she is.

6. Oh My Venus

In the story, Kang Jo Eun was called Daejon Venus because of her looks. She couldn’t maintain herself and started to get overweight. With the help of her fitness coach and lover, Kim Yeong Ho she regains her original shape and beauty.

7. She Was Pretty

Kim Hye Jin and Ji Sung Joon are childhood best friends who love each other. Sung Joon moves out of the country and returns after many years. He still hasn’t forgotten his first love. Kim Hye Jin growing up was the prettiest girl but as she got older she finds hardship in finding a career. She wants to give herself a boost later on, and Hye Jin gives her a makeover.

8. Birth Of Beauty

The story is about Sa Geum Ran, a sad housewife who is frequently taunted for her weight. She is a wife and a mother but no one seems to care about her. Then comes the hot and beautiful Sara, who is beloved since she moved from the US. In reality, they are the same person. Geum Ra had undergone plastic surgery after she was badly injured in a motor accident.

9. Dream High

The story is about Kim Pil Sook, a talented singer, who is very frequently bullied due to her weight. She doesn’t want to continue with this and is determined to lose weight. She, later on, returns to school as a cute girl and everyone is shocked to see that this is the same girl.

10. The Secret Life Of My Secretary

Jung Gal Hee is the secretary of Do Min Ik, who likes being surrounded by pretty faces. One day he fires her without any valid reason. She returns as his new secretary but as a completely different person. She has a new hairstyle, stylish clothes and better makeup.