Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Are Still A Bachelor

We all want to know what is going on in the lives of our favorite Korean Actors, even more so in their dating life. We would be stoked to know who they are dating, their bae, or are they still single. Given their handsome faces and charms, it is hard to believe these actors are single. Here's our list of super sexy actors who are single.

1. Gong Yoo 

From his debut in 2001 with the TV series school 4 to recently starring in Squid Games, he manages to keep us enthralled with his acting. Gong Yoo captured our hearts from the moment we saw him first. But it is hard to believe that his heart remains uncaptured. At 41, the Korean actor remains single.


2. Nam Joo-Hyuk 

Nam Joo-hyuk is undoubtedly one of the sexiest Korean actors. The model-actor keeps capturing hearts with his acting. As of 2021, the Cheese in the Trap star remains single.  According to our records, the handsome actor is not dating anyone.


3. Park Go Bum 

The South Korean actor Park Go Bum turned everyone’s heads with his acting in Record of Youth. There is a lot of speculation about the 27-year-old actor’s love life. In the past, the actor has been linked with his co-stars quite a few times. However, Park Bo Gum is not involved with anyone romantically. Fans speculate his involvement with his Love in the Moonlight co-star Kim Yoo Jung, but we don’t know anything for sure.


4. Yeo Jin Goo 

Yeo Jin Goo is a child who turned into the hottest Korean drama man. It is hard to believe that the dashing Yeo Jin Goo is not dating anyone. The only romantic relationship he has is with his work. However, there has been a lot of buzz about him hanging out with singer-songwriter IU. But they claim to be just friends.


5. Yoo Seung Ho

Did you know Yoo Seung Ho is currently not dating anyone? The South Korean TV actor is known for his mind-blowing roles in TV dramas and films. The historical drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask star has been linked to different actresses multiple times, but as of 2021, he is not dating anyone. He was previously in a relationship and has never been engaged or married.


6. Seo Kang-Joon

There have been multiple dating rumors around Seo Kang-joon. We have heard a lot of buzz about his girlfriends, hookups, and ex-girlfriends. Seo Kang-Joon is a very private person, and there is not much known about his previous relationships. But is Seo Kang-joon seeing anybody currently? We know for sure, the 28-year-old South Korean actor is not involved with anyone romantically as of now.


7. Lee Dong Wook 

The 38-year-old actor is one of the most handsome and sought-after actors in the Korean entertainment industry. He sure is charismatic and easy to get along with. Everyone looks forward to working with him. But is seeing anyone currently? As far as we know, Lee Dong Wook is presently single. He has been in multiple rumored relationships with multiple Korean actresses, but Dong-Wook is still single.


8. Jo In-Sung

Born in 1981, the South Korean TV actor has starred in some of our favorite dramas. He is famous for his role as Hong-rim in the 2008 South Korean movie A Frozen Flower. Jo In-sung is a private person and tries to keep his personal and professional lives separate. There has been a lot of speculation around his dating life, but we know  that In-sung is not dating anybody currently.


9. Lee Sang Yoon

Who doesn't know the handsome South Korean actor Lee Sang Yoon? He gained worldwide popularity for  My Daughter Seo-young, Angel Eyes, Liar Game, and About Time. In 2021, he has seen in One the Woman. We all want to know what is going on in the life of the hot and talented actor. Fans are always stoked to know about Lee Sang Yoon's relationship status. However, he is currently single. As of 2021, it is confirmed that Lee Sang Yoon is not dating anyone.


10. Kim Rae Won 

Everyone loved the South Korean drama 'Doctors.' Fans were enthralled to see the chemistry between the lead actor Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-Hye. Their on-screen chemistry created a lot of speculation about their off-screen relationship. Who is Kim Rae Won dating in real life? Who is his off-screen girlfriend in real life? Is he married? We all want answers to our questions. Here's the answer, the South Korean actor is currently single. Kim Rea Won is not romantically involved with anybody as of 2021.