Article: Top 10 Healing And Comforting Quotes From My Liberation Diary

My Liberation Diary is one of the highest-rating dramas of 2021, comforted viewers with its realistic approach. It depicted the ordinary lives of three siblings living together in the countryside of Sanpo. They had to travel three hours to their workplace. Me-Jeong, the middle sibling, feels unhappy with life and asks Mr.Gu, an alcoholic man, to worship her. The drama showcased the life of ordinary people and especially the strengths introverts hold. The drama comforted viewers with its comforting and healing quotes. Here’s the top 10 healing and inspirational quotes from My Liberation Diary. Come and fall in love with this beautifully-executed slice-of-life drama.

1. Life is a series of embarrassments. It’s embarrassing from the moment you are born. You are born naked.

The line said by Chang-Hee depicts how everything in life feels embarrassing, and it’s okay if we think that particular way. Life is like that. We should live without being worried about people judging us.

2. Even you don’t know how you’ll go on if you pull yourself together, you can still find bearable things.

The line said by Mi-Jeong’s Dad depicts how humans sometimes endure more than their limits allow them. It shows the endurance any individual has. Humans can overcome anything, and they have the power to do so.

3. Even if you live alone, it’s fine. You can be delighted. You can eat whatever you want, and sleep whenever you want.

The lines perfectly convey the perks of being Single. Even if someone has no boyfriend or husband, that person can work, eat, love, and live just fine.

4. I want liberation. I want to be liberated. I don’t know where I’m trapped but I feel trapped. There’s nothing in my life that relaxes me. I feel cramped and stifled. I want to break free.

The line said Mi-Jeong shows the darkest side of Human beings where they don’t know why they feel trapped. They don’t know how to free themselves from their own confined thoughts.

5. Everyone is on their way to their graves, so why is everyone so happy and excited?

The lines said by Mi-Jeong showcase how people are always cheerful for no reason. It worries her and she can’t understand the cause of their happiness. She wants to be happy, too, but before that, she needs to feel liberated too.

6. Sometimes I think that damaged people are much more honest than those who live their lives happily.

The lines depict the darker side of being vulnerable. The people who have gone through struggle and hardship live more honestly. The cheerful and happy people with no efforts are sometimes honest.

7. I wish I were genuinely happy and able to say things like ‘Yes, this is life.’ This is what life is all about.

Everyone wants to be happy. Before becoming genuinely happy, Me-Jeong desperately wants to know what makes her happy. She wants to live her life for once, and that too, honestly.

8. No matter what job it is, after six months, it becomes mundane. But it’s a lot better when you get along with others. It also increases productivity.

Every workplace has its advantage and disadvantages. Some people get along with each other while some can’t. It becomes bearable and unbearable depending on the person.

9. No matter where I live, I think I would have been the same. I would be living the same mundane life, and no one would ever be interested in me. I felt as if I lived like this for too long. I’d shrivel up and die.

The lines depict how people remain the same even living in different places. Places can be changed, but people’s personalities can never.

10. He has no shell. You know, there are some people very polite, but it feels like it’s just their shell. A shell so hard that it feels like you will never be able to reach the person inside. But this guy has no hell.

The lines said by Mi-Jeong depict how some people are transparent and have nothing to hide.