Article: Top 10 Dialogue Writers Of Korea

If you have not already been sucked into the Korean drama craze, first, what have you done? Nobody knows what sort of magic these shows possess, but there is nothing like a K-drama to put all the emotions and fangirling tendencies into overdrive. So, if you are looking for a good package of emotions including laughing, crying and handsome actors then a Korean-language drama will probably give you your fix. Behind all those comedy interactions or romantic proposal is our hard-working dialogue writers who make all the efforts to indulge ourselves within the drama and enjoy it. Because, as we know watching great actors work with shabbily written material doesn't work. But as long as there's a good story & great characters, everyone follows the storyline.

1. Lee Woo-Jung

Lee Woo-Jung has taken more of our tears than any other writer in drama land; some were tears of pain, and some were tears of joy, but mostly they were tears of the fellow feeling of approach; she portrays growing pains and familial love. That is, in all probability her greatest strength as a writer, and why, her Answer Me series has become such a sensation Love triangles maybe what people discuss most about her dramas, but what is considerable is the method she writes moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and friends who treat one another as family. Lee's characters hide their emotions on the surface, the means real individuals do; however, their quiet acts of affection speak volumes and move us like no alternative.


2. Song Jae-Jung

Song Jae-Jung shines, in her disposition to need her stories to newer territories, in creative directions; she isn't reinventing the wheel; however, she is tinkering with the spokes, playing with the structure, and usually open to trying new things. The complex world-building of Song was not necessarily airtight, still her willingness to continually expand her boundaries and take the characters on hairpin turns struck the viewers as fearless in a way that drama land needs. Everyone was so impressed with the dexterity of Song in throwing in new twists and complicating her rules that they still look forward to all the stories she has yet to tell.


3. Noh Hee-Kyung

Noh Hee-Kyung has designed her two-decade-long career on shows with profoundly advanced relationships and realistic characters that are never as straightforward as they appear initially. She excels at the guts of what makes folks tick and the lightness of the human association between her characters. It is that ability of her to transfer us into the emotions of the characters that make dramas of Noh Hee-Kyung so resonant and gripping.


4. Park Yeon-Seon 

Park Yeon-Seon has designed her career around mastering the ensemble show, displaying a distinctive ability to bring a disparate cluster of personalities along in a manner that is resonant and lingering. She can seek out small human moments and design characters and relationships around them. Her characters come back to life as fleshed-out, living and respiratory individuals; we tend to see them as real individuals, which nearly guarantees our investment in their journeys.


5. Kim Eun-Hee 

Kim Eun-Hee has continually shown a leaning for a combination of procedural parts with thrills. She established an endowment for making robust premises sustained by a gradual stream of suspense.


6. Jung Yoon-Jung 

The credits of Jung Yoon-Jung are an exciting mix since she does not persist with any one genre. She started in historical dramas, followed by the quirky paranormal genre masterpiece, which is still one of the best examples of supernatural world-building that anyone has ever seen in K-dramas, filled with gods and ghosts and an entire social order to the hereafter.


7. Park Kyung-Soo 

Park Kyung-Soo is an author who is aware of the way to get to the most profound elements of the psyche of characters and burrow there for everything of a show, giving us a number of the foremost diverse and deeply superimposed characters in drama land. He creates masterfully advanced stories targeted around social problems and manages to induce these problems in an addictively dramatic approach. His dramas have a definite, cerebral appeal—but do not let that scare you away. The stories square measure relevant and accessible, though they do not continually show the rosy aspect of life.


8. Song Ji-Nah 

The writings of Song Ji-Nah are perhaps the most intriguing in their diversity; you can hardly peg her as one kind of writer or another. It is tough to describe what kind of writer Song is without listing all the various shows she has produced. The only thread of commonality anyone can find is that her writing, tends to hit that sweet spot of witty and fun. No one knows what to expect in terms of what kind of story, genre, tone, or even Millenium she will write about, but there is guarantee of one thing that you will be entertained, moved, and satisfied.


9. Park Hye-Ryun 

Park Hye-Ryun writes vibrant characters & emotionally uplifting dramas that always make us care. She writes about bold but adorable heroines with funny flaws and snappy comebacks, affectionate family relationships, and even her villains have some humanity. Her universe is like a strawberry world where good people do sensible things, justice wins out, and dreams come true— and significantly you discover yourself fist-pumping at the side of each little victory and believing this is how good things can be. Or at least how they should be.


10. Kim Eun-Sook 

Kim Eun-Sook is one of the biggest hit makers today, whose shows often become pop-culture sensations where catchphrases and memorable scenes get parroted and parodied endlessly. Kim Eun-Sook is a wordsmith. She crafts particular speech patterns, enjoy poetic cadence and turn a phrase like the business of nobody. Her writing is highly stylized (her characters do not speak like normal people in the real world), but it is a style full of wit and clever reversals. Kim knows how to consistently tap into what people like, which is no small feat. And although she could from time to time be a polarizing author, it is pretty bound that love or hate her shows, and we will all be talking regarding them.