Article: Top 10 Cultural Similarities Between India And South Korea

The Two Asian Countries, India and South Korea though they are geographically apart, have some striking similarities in Cultural and Linguistic. Maybe, the Korean king Kim Suro married an Indian princess, Suriratna which may be the reason behind these similarities between the two nations. This article gives you the Top 10 cultural similarities between India and South Korea.

1. languages

India and South Korea have been sharing so many similar words predominantly, with the south Indian language TAMIL. The terms used in both languages have the same meaning only. For example, In Tamil they call 'Mother' 'Amma,' in Korean too, they call their mom ‘Omma,’ and the same applies to FATHER too; in Tamil, they call ‘Father’ as ‘Appa,’ in Korean to call their Dad as Appa. Like the two nations sharing more similar words.



2. Family values

We all know Indians gave more importance to family values. South Koreans too, gave more concern to their family values like India. In India, they respect all elders; even after completing graduation too, they stay with their families only. In South Korea also, they respect elders, and after completing graduation, they too stay with their family. Two countries are giving more value to their families as well as the elders in their families.

3. Common Food items 

India and South Korea has so many similarities in foods. They, are ‘AlooTikki’ and ‘Gamja-Jeon,’ ‘Kimchi’ and ‘Pickle,’ ‘Yakimandu’ and ‘Gujiya,’ ‘Yakwa’ and ‘Imarti,’ 'Kimchi Friedrice' and 'Home-cooked fried rice.' Like, the two countries share the same cuisines.

4. Sharing The Same Traditional games

India and South Korea have similarities in traditional games too. They are Yut, five stones, hopscotch, etc.

5. Sharing Same Customs In festivals

'Makarasankranthi' is one of the major festivals celebrated in all states of India. In Northern India, they called it 'Bihu'. In the south, they called it 'Thai-Pongal. It is celebrated in all states of India by various names. It is celebrated to thank nature before the cultivation period starts. They thank nature for giving them good yielding in cultivation. In South Korea, it was celebrated as ‘Chuseok.’ They celebrate it in the autumn season as an 'autumn harvest celebration, traditions performed during the festivals are common similarities in both festivals.

6. Birthday Celebration - TWICE IN A YEAR

We marked birthday dates based on the western calendar only the age we calculated as per the western calendar is known as 'Universal Age'. But in India and South Korea, they mark their birthday date in two ways. According to the south Korean calendar, they considered the age of a baby is one when the embryo started to grow in the mother's womb. In India, they have similar months to the twelve English months.

7. Similarity  In The Entertainment  Industry

Daily soap operas and movies are very famous among Indian people, and South Korean people also are very interested in watching dramas and movies. In India and South Korea, the people are considered it as one of the parts of their daily life.

8. Kingdom Ship And Values

India and South Korea have striking similarities in historical and social values, regimes, and dynasties. India and Southkorea share the same social structures, education systems, and laws.

9. Celebrating Independence Day On The Same Date

From food to family values, games to clothes to a surprising fact, the two countries have been sharing the same day as their countries Independence Day. 'India' and 'South Korea celebrate every year on August 15 as their 'Independence day.'

10. Religion - Common In India And South Korea

Buddhism is known as one of India's ancient religions. Buddhism spread across the countries during the medieval period, particularly in East-Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, and China started to follow Buddhism. Twentyfive per cent of the population of South Korea is following Buddhism now.