Article: The Unexpected Power Of BTS

BTS consists of seven Korean native members: Kim Namjoon (rapper and leader) moreover referred to as RM, Kim Seokjin (instrumentalist and visual) also referred to as JIN, Min Yoongi (Rapper and producer),  referred to as SUGA, Jung Hoseok (main dancer and sub vocalist)also referred to as J-HOPE, Park Jimin (main dancer and main vocalist) additionally referred to as JIMIN, Kim Taehyung (Dancer and vocalist)also inferred to as V, Jeon Jungkook (center, main instrumentalist and dancer) referred to as JUNGKOOK.


BTS, from a little company with no strong background, began to gain control over the music trade with their exertions and keenness, and have sealed the manner for alternative K-POP artists. BTS uses their music to connect with their fans wherever they quote DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, LGBTQ COMMUNITY, LOVE YOURSELF, and many others.

BTS is the sole K-POP idol cluster partnered with United Nations Children's Fund as an envoy for the associate degree Anti-violence campaign known as LOVE MYSELF on Allhallows, 2017. As ambassadors, they have given over 1 million USD.

The power behind BTS is their huge fan following known as ARMY(Adorable Representative Master of ceremonies for Youth).


Being a personage, BTS has helped many of us through the fans' thoughtful donations.

Donations Created By BTS And ARMY(BTS's Followers):

1. Jin started giving one hundred million won(USD 88000) as showing honesty to the United Nations Children's Fund Korea's Honour club.

2. RM gave approximately $80000 to Seoul Samsung faculty that works in coaching for hearing-impeded understudies and $83,740 to be used for music instructions.

3. In 2019, Jimin gave $87,914 to the Busan Metropolitan town workplace of Education. From 2016 to 2018, Jimin raised the price of uniforms for graduates of Busan Hodong grammar school. Once the varsity closed, he gave the uniforms to the graduates and provided autographs for the scholars.

4. J-Hope gave money to Child Fund Korean Peninsula numerous times. In Gregorian calendar month 2018, he gave $133,000 and requested the donation be non-public. Later in February 2019, the rapper gave  $89,000.

5. In 2014, Suga assured fans that if he became unsafe, he would get beef for his fans. Once the twenty-five, he, not breaking his promise gave beef to thirty-nine orphanages. In the succeeding year, Suga gave $88,000 to the Korean Peninsula Medicine Cancer Foundation.

6. In 2017, BTS recreation gave $85,000 to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council.

7. BTS recreation pledged to gift $447,400 and “3% of the Love Yourself series physical album sales income” to the campaign partnered with the United Nations Children's Fund.

8. BTS Army organized a fundraiser to assist the Republic of India to curb pandemic COVID-19. In just twelve hours, BTS Army has raised a very big amount, and then the donations haven't solely been made by Republic of India fans across the globe.

9. Turkish A.R.M.Ys raised ~$500 and gave it to the United Nations Children's Fund to support kids with disabilities.

10. A.R.M.Ys within the Philippines gave 100kg of rice, at a price of ~$420, to poor kids, in the name of BTS for their Wings Tour Final Concert.

11. Russian ARMY provided a large advertisement to assist kids and young adults who were suffering from serious and critical diseases like cancer, blood disorders, and heart conditions. The money was generated by 5 lakh ARMYs to dedicate it to BTS’s fourth-day remembrance.

12. Korean ARMY gave donations to WWF and adopted  5 whales, as well as a Beluga, 2 Blue Whales, a Humpback, and a Narwhal for RM’s birthday(one of the members of the BTS group).

13. On June 6, fans learned that BTS and their label had given $1 million to Black Lives Matter. They determined to match that total and flocked to the Act Blue fundraiser page, raising donations to #MatchAMillion by Gregorian calendar month eight.


Once fans notice the merchandise utilized by the group, the product goes out of stock in a very few hours: like that one time when Jungkook shared with his fans about the new drink he had been drinking, kombucha, drink by a little online business company, it didn’t even take a week for the fans to make the drink out of stock so that not even Jungkook couldn’t get the drink for a few days.  After the live show, the sales were enhanced by five-hundredths inflicting it to be out of stock.

As a megastar, BTS group paired with a number of massive brands like SAMSUNG, HYUNDAI, FILA, PRIZEFIGHTER, LOUIS VUITTON as their international ambassador.

BTS group measures the sole cluster to get the award by their president as ORDER OF CULTURAL MERIT and the group measures as the youngest group to ever obtain the prize on United Nations Day in the year 2018.

BTS received six yank Music Awards, ten Asia Music Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards, nineteen Goan Chart Music Awards, twenty-four Gold Thirty-threads, twenty-nine MMA, and BTS is the only K-pop band ever to be nominated for GRAMMY.

BTS is thought of as the best king as they broke their own record of the most viewed video r in twenty-four hours by having BUTTER, 108.2 million views on YouTube followed by DYNAMITE with a hundred and one million views on YouTube in twenty-four hours.

THE NET worth of BTS as a bunch of seven is 50 MILLION USD.

BTS is presently the sole creative group to own BUTTER as their longest-reigning #1 song for more than three months straight on  Billboard charts.

Being a celebrity BTS members are down to earth as they provide their fans all the credits for their achievements.

BTS’ ARMY has an enormous following band in the world and the strongest following.